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Fire Island Fever


Year Released: 1979
Studio: Hand in Hand
Director: Jack Deveau

Cast: Larry Paige, John Carlo, Garry Hunt, Chris Michaels, Hugh Allen, Will Seagers, David Littler, Pepe Brazil, George, Frank, Johnny, Juanita

It's Fire Island in 1979, and the beautiful men who have arrived to vacation have nothing but sex and sand on their minds. No vacation is complete without plenty of fucking, sucking and indulging in refreshments like popper and acid-laced tea. What happens on Fire Island stays on Fire Island.

In this vintage gay porn movie, two lovers decide to try for an open relationship during their vacation in Cherry Grove; jealousies, LSD laced tea going to the wrong guy (Garry Hunt, involving a great trippy sequence featuring Matt Harper), and plenty of sex, of course.

Released theatrically in 1979, this movie is one of more ambitious ventures by Hand-in-Hand Films and gathers a gorgeously physical and ample cast of men. In this intelligent and probing story, two lovers, Ron (Larry Paige) and Rick (John Carlo), who think they want an "pen relationship" decide to allow each other freedom during their vacation at the swinging gay Fire Island resort, Cherry Grove, in this film by Jack Deveau.

As their stories are retold, three versions of the previous summer reveal that the house they shared with a youthful blond (Garry Hunt) became a sort of Grand Hotel of sex as the guys and their tricks coupled, uncoupled, and recoupled in new combinations. The reality of the summer is not discovered, though, until all of the stories are told and they all attend a Christmas party.

Complications arise when the lovers find themselves being tom apart by jealousies, and when the wrong man gets his tea laced with LSD.

Their adventures include: A one-sided blow job between the lovers in bed, Ron oozing after a waiter (Chris Michaels) poolside, and Rick jumping a hunk (Hugh Allen) in the bushes.

Meanwhile, roommate Hunt sketches and fantasizes about a mystical Adonis (Target Studios model Matt Harper, a.k.a. Will Seagers) - who is shown in different aspects of the film, in clothing, out of clothing, on the beach, etc.

Michaels and Allen, the two new tricks, cheat on their new buddies together and a pair of acid trip solos (by Hunt and Seagers) also take place.

The final scene, the only one in the film to actually complete a sexual session, features the two lovers engaging in oral and anal sex after making up and ending their jealous feuding. Highlights of their lovemaking are close-ups of cocks and Carlo's hairy hole.

Despite sexual couplings that are well-photographed and performed by the very attractive cast, the action is often too short too fast to really enjoy, sort of snippets of reality that end up being more artful that dick-hardening. But, still an excellent narrative of the days when freewheeling sex took place at Fire Island.

"For porn films, this is a relatively complex story with mostly good acting and a few 'Alvarez effects' but less emphasis on sex and penetration shots."
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"It's erotic and should be seen my the 'respectable' New York critics. I like Fire Island Fever almost as much as Saturday Night Fever." - Arthur Bell, Village Voice