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SchoolMates: The Graduates Part One


Year: 1976
Director: Toby Ross

Cast: Timothy Long, David Eleven, Jerry Patterson, Steve Preston

A high watermark for producer Toby Ross of youthful gay porn films, this video is often called his most sexy because of its beautiful indoor photography, utilizing natural lighting and, thus, creating the perfect mood for this ambivalent story of freshman life at college. A "straight guy" (skinny redheaded Timothy Long), is known around school for having a low IQ and a gigantic cock (it is, too!).

Two pretty men with nice cocks stand in a window glow and mouth boners with their pouty lips, and then fuck ass. In a long, very verbal segment, Tim fantasizes about chicks with big tits and lets his big and fat cock be sucked off (after some skillful seduction) in a scene that may be one of Ross's best! Also includes a well-hung, well-built coach beating off before his students and a pair of "weird numbers" playing with each other and performing good oral sex.

"The acting is way above average and the performers actually look as if they are having a good time. A tenderness permeates this video...the soundtrack also functions to make romantic scenes even more touching... though Schoolmates, too, is dated, the action remains strong and the film technique is superior." -Pittsburgh Out!

"The scenes are almost. portraits of what we would have wanted to look like at that age." -Windy City Times

One Bjou reviewer wrote:

Filmmaker Toby Ross is the undisputed master at portraying believably awkward and energetic post-adolescent sexuality. The shy-guy quality of the Schoolmates models makes them oh so irresistible.

Filmmaker Toby Ross's Schoolmates can be summed up in three syllables, FAB-U-LOUS! Aesthetically this is a wonderful treat; the camera seems to float, drifting across the tight flesh of lithe young men as they pleasure each other, all the while bathed in the most flattering and luscious of natural light.

Since this is a vintage gay porn film from the Seventies, there ain't no rubbers to be found nor are there any muscles beyond what a boy can get from being young and healthy in America. Ross is the undisputed master at portraying believably awkward and energetic post-adolescent sexuality. Added bonus: redhead Timothy Long not only has a gigantic cock but also a shock of electric red pubic hair!

Teen stunner Jerry Patterson introduces himself by telling us about his new life at college. He explains, in an endearing drawl, that he sometimes gets depressed about his sense of self, his sexuality. He takes us back with him to Lake Tahoe, where he made love to his friend Steve in senior year of high school. Patterson is a delight to behold with his mop of golden hair, curled lips, and unbelievably long, milky limbs. Steve Preston is equally lovely; he's got a baby face, a muscled rump, and a single tattoo on his upper arm. The two walk along the edge of the lake until they decide to steal into a small house on the dock. Once inside they swap blowjobs.

While Preston gives some good head, Patterson supplies his friend with what looks like the hummer of his young life; Patterson just sucks and sucks and sucks until Preston's eyes are rolled all up in his head. He then gets knees to shoulder for a ball-slapping mish fuck that culminates in a far flying cum shot from Preston.

Patterson's flashback begets another as the two post-coitally reminisce about their favorite coach, the phenomenally hot David Eleven. Eleven is featured, in all his mutton-chop and six-pack ab manliness, in a pair of skintight white boxers. He caresses his business until it threatens to push through the undies, at which point he drops his drawers and double fists his enormous dick until the goo smashes against his broad chest.

Enter Timothy Long, the next narrator. Long is an amazing creature, pale, leaner than lean, and hung like you can't imagine. He shares a tale of a summer past when he jacked off with this cutie named Jeff. The camera cuts between the two as they put on performances that would make John Ashcroft pitch a tent. Jeff gets horny and kneads his milky moon with one hand while working his worm with the other. And Long, well, Long is just the living end as he squeezes his pole of perfection to sticky orgasm -- what a dreamboat.

Long makes another appearance, teasing a stoned college pal of his with his giant boner while fantasizing about fucking a foxy chick named Linda. The stoner cannot stand to sit by and merely watch, he wants a piece of Long. After some rejected attempts, the stoner manages to seduce Long (who wanted it the entire time, anyway) and goes whole hog on his super schlong. Long bangs him doggie-style, somewhat awkwardly, and his cock spits gallons of gunk. The two say their goodbyes and the movie is over. You'll wish it went on for days. -DM

"One very amusing scene is the little cat and mouse action where a mousy buddy tries to inspire big red Timothy Lane [sic] into getting down and dirty. Who's the cat and who's the mouse here, is the question. Our favorite line in this scene is 'My fathers the most talented garbage collector in town.' Seductions may never have been sweeter, and needless to say, mousy gets what he wants - all of it - the long read shaft and the son of the most talented garbage collector in town." -Skinflicks