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Dangerous Opening Scene


Year Released: 1983

Director: Steve Scott/Al Parker

Cast: Chris Burns, Jim Rodgers, Michael Braun, Steve Taylor, Jeff Stevens, Mike McDonald, Rick Faulkner, and others

Dangerous opens with bearded hunk Mike Braun giving a blow job through a glory hole to Chris Burns. They suck each other, cum, and then the door flies open. One of them gets arrested and suffers the embarrassment of having to call his lover to bail him out of jail. This is not the first time it's happened and he tries to explain that it's not the lover, it's him and his need for "dangerous" sex.

While most of the action in this gay porn film is oral, Chris Burns fucks himself with a couple of huge dildos while receiving a dirty phone call, and a man beats off in a phone booth as people pass by. Also includes: fucking through glory holes, miles of foreskin, Dixon Hardy sucking his own hard-on, Rodgers services young blond Jeff Stevens, and tons of anonymous pig-out sessions on dick!

Jim Rodgers and Mike Braun are convincingly cock-hungry. Braun devours dick like it were a fine pastry!

One Bijou reviewer wrote:

What would you do if you were living with a tea-rooming danger freak? Guy-next-door Jim Rodgers finds out the hard way after his furry lover Michael Braun is arrested for blowing a guy a public bathroom - again.

This pre-condom film has a simple but exciting premise: what if you were living with a tea-rooming danger freak? Jim Rodgers finds out in this naughty little foray into the world of anonymous blowjobs. His boyfriend, the Grizzly Adams-esque Michael Braun, is arrested for sucking cock in a public bathroom. This is not the first time Rodgers has had to go to the police station in the middle of the night and he's a little miffed. After he bails Braun out he goes on a quest to discover the joys of dangerous encounters for himself. This is a slightly skanky, well-made film that will appeal not only to lovers of glory hole sex but also anyone who likes a change of pace from the usual.

Rodgers and Braun have a serious discussion about what Rodgers sees as a problem: Braun's inability to stop having anonymous sex in bathrooms. Since they are lovers Rodgers believes he's inadequate, that he's pushing Braun out into the world. Braun assures him otherwise, first with heartfelt words, and then with his actions. Braun hops into bed and says, "You do mean everything to me, you know that," and proceeds to peel down the covers. They sixty-nine and fuck each other to lush sounds of violins and the glow of a roaring fire.

The next day Rodgers visits a bartender friend, the unassuming Rick Faulkner, and asks him why men do the kind of things that Braun's been doing. Faulkner plainly explains that it's fun and tells Rodgers about two of his more wild experiences.

The first takes place in a bathroom. A tall, bearded businessman sucks Faulkner's fattie through a glory hole and then pushes his fleshy keister up to the hole so Faulkner can fuck him. Faulkner sure does, he slams into the businessman and practically knocks down the wall separating them. When he's about to cum the businessman backs off his dick and Faulkner shoots the most stunning load of goo, in slow motion no less.

Faulkner then tells Rodgers that anyone can grab a phone number off a bathroom wall and have a date, just like that. The most unbelievable stuff happens next. Faulkner masturbates in a public phone booth, cars rush by and people walk around, while talking dirty with a blonde named Chris. Faulkner asks Chris to fuck himself with a dildo. Chris greases his ass with Crisco and inserts a fist-thick foot long dildo into his ass. He groans as he takes more and more of the giant object until it's not enough. He grabs an even larger dildo, slathers it in more grease and slowly slides it inside himself. You'll be asking the same question I did: how the hell does he fit that up there? On the other end of the line Faulkner strokes, strokes, strokes until he releases another outrageous spew of cream, one that hits the glass of the booth and every so gently oozes downward. This guy is an ejaculator for the ages!

Rodgers decides to try anonymous sex for himself, but unlike the other men in the film he doesn't start off slow; he goes full-tilt boogie: he sucks four cocks, watches a man suck himself, and gets a blowjob. The scene is dizzying; one cock after another pops through the glory hole and Rodgers swallows each one with increasing verve. Connoisseurs of cum-licking should go bonkers during this scene. The film ends with Braun and Rodgers kneeling at a glory hole, sharing a gigantic cock, stealing kisses. Rodgers has come over to Braun's way of thinking and their relationship is even stronger, oh how cute! - DM

"Two proven veterans of the bluemovie business, pornstar Al Parker and director Steve Scott, have teamed up to bring this tale of a guy's (Jim Rodgers) preoccupations with glory hole sex." - Studflix

"This is the only film which attempts to explore the psychology of anonymous danger sex, without sacrificing any erotic heat. Not only is the glory hole used as a symbol of unfettered sexual pleasure here, it eventually becomes a magnet for the uninitiated, and finally, a unifying force. Scott has managed to pull this off in a cogent, psychologically accurate manner." - Manshots

"The ingenious ending is both romantic and sleazy, both a surprise and inevitable. Dangerous is shrewd, believable, and primal. Its characters are so real and the sexual images so vivid that it remains a film to watch again and again, certainly a must for the permanent collection." - Manshots.