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Garry Hunt

Garry Hunt put in excellent performances in many Hand In Hand Films releases in the mid/late '70s. Hunt was a legitimately good actor with a strong comedic sense, a naughty twinkle in his eye, and a lot of charm.

He played many "regular guy" roles, creating a believability in the parts that stood out in his films.

In an interview with Manshots, Hand In Hand's Robert Alvarez described meeting Hunt during an interview for a never completed film:

"Gary was an original - you look at him and at that incredible cock and balls. It's absolutely obscene. And he has a wonderful manner about him. So we cast him in the film that became Ballet Down the Highway. All of a sudden, we had this person who had a personality. As a director, once in a while, you see someone that is really special and you know that no one else has that quality except that person."

Selected Filmography:

Ballet Down the Highway (1975)
Good Hot Stuff (1975)
Hot House (1977)
Private Collection (1978)
Fire Island Fever (1978)
Dune Buddies (1978)
Sex Toilets 2

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