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Derrick Stanton

Derrick Stanton was born 1955 in Baltimore, MD. Derrick was well-known for his dependable erections and huge cumshots. Of his co-stars, Stanton called J.W. King the "most fun to work with" and said Jon King was the guy he was most attracted to.

Always putting in an enthusiastic performance and primarily appearing in memorable smaller roles, Stanton had a long career in porn, acting for over 20 years, and directors described him as being very professional.

Selected Filmography:

Hardhat (1977)
The Idol (1978)
Grease Monkeys (1979)
Bad Boys (1979)
Performance (1981)
Games Boys Play (Nebula/Nova) (1982)
Strange Places, Strange Things (1985)
Love A Man With A Mustache 2

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