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Duff Paxton

Duff Paxton was born in 1951 in the town of Bloomington, IN. Duff once worked as a nude dancer at Nero's. Director Steve Scott called him a pro. Paxton performed in many films during his career, some of which are uncatalogued.

Selected Filmography:

Track Meet (1973)
Twelve At Noon (1977)
Male Stampede (1977)
Gemini (1977)
Wanted (1980)
Three Day Pass (1980)
Pleasures In the Sun (1983)
Love A Man With A Beard

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17 Feb 2016
Type: Photo

Track Meet Scene 3

15 Feb 2016
Type: Video

Track Meet Opening Scene

01 Feb 2016
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Wanted Scene 2

28 Sep 2015
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Wanted Opening Scene

21 Sep 2015
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Gemini Opening Scene

03 Sep 2015
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Wanted Gallery

30 Jul 2015
Type: Photo