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Gavin Geoffrey

Baby-faced Gavin Geoffrey played the lead role as the sexually conflicted track star in Steve Scott's 1976 film, Track Meet. He stared in a few more adult films and worked as a Playgirl model and escort and befriended a number of celebrities in 1970s Los Angeles. Dillard later went on a spiritual journey that included LSD regression therapy and working with yogis and gurus. He made a series of tantric videos and has worked in many different art forms. In 1998, Dillard published an autobiography called "In the Flesh: Undressing for Success." He has also written comedy, lyrics, a musical, and poems, publishing numerous books of poetry, and continues to write where he now lives in the country.

Selected Filmography:

Track Meet (1976)

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Gavin Geoffrey Content

Track Meet Finale

29 Feb 2016
Type: Video

Track Meet Scene 4

22 Feb 2016
Type: Video

Track Meet Scene 3

15 Feb 2016
Type: Video

Track Meet Scene 2

08 Feb 2016
Type: Video

Track Meet Opening Scene

01 Feb 2016
Type: Video