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Christopher Rage

Christopher Rage aka Mary Jim Sstunning 1948 (Oklahoma City, OK) - 1991

Christopher Rage made a memorable appearance as one of the leads, the villainess Arachne, (billed as Mary Jim Sstunning) in Jack Deveau's classic, Drive (1974). Rage served in many roles in his career, as a hustler, porn writer, performer, director, producer, photographer, promoter, and manager. Rage performed in, directed, and released many of his own videos throughout the 1980s, which spanned a wide variety of genres, including leather movies and more. He worked with many stars, including Chris Burns, J.D. Slater, Joe Simmons, George Payne, Daniel Holt, Casey Donovan, Scorpio, Bosch Wagner, and Gino Colbert.

Selected Filmography:

Drive (1974) (as Mary Jim Sstunning)
Good Hot Stuff (1975) (as Mary Jim Sstunning)
Hot House (1977) (DJ's voice on radio) (as Tray Christopher)

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Christopher Rage Content

Good Hot Stuff

27 Feb 2017
Type: Video

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26 May 2016
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Drive Scene 3

19 May 2016
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Drive Scene 2

12 May 2016
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Drive Opening Scene

05 May 2016
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