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Tony Lattanzi

Muscular, uncut Tony Lattanzi - a native Brooklyn Italian with cury dark hair and a dreamy demeanor - appeared in three Bijou Video productions directed by David Babbitt (Beat Cop, Find This Man, and Hey Tony! What's the Story?) as well as a couple of 1997 All Worlds Video releases. Hey Tony! What's the Story? centers around Lattanzi, his friends, his brother, and his search for a comfortable sexual identity.

Aside from performing in gay porn videos, Lattanzi spent a period of time living in Nevada, riding horses, helping out backstage at shows while working in Vegas casinos, doing personal training and modeling, running his own landscaping business, and working at Cashman Field.

In an April 1994 interview with Playgirl, he described himself as looking for a woman with good, simple values so "she and I could spend an evening in front of a roaring fire, on a white, fluffy rug, eating Gulf shrimp and lobster, sipping champagne - me in my Calvin's and her in anything from Victoria's Secret."

Selected Filmography:

Beat Cop (1991)
Find This Man (1992)
Hey Tony! What's the Story? (1993)

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