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Matt Ramsey aka Peter North

Born 1957

Matt Ramsey began his career in gay porn and became one of the most lauded and popular straight porn stars. A straight guy and gym teacher, he met a friend of Matt Summers, who brought him into the business. Ramsey was in major gay releases starting around 1984 and worked for director Matt Sterling, including on his best-seller The Bigger the Better (in which he bottoms for Rick Donovan).

Ramsey came across as archetypically American, though he hailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He was most well known for his huge loads of semen - no one could quite deliver like him!

Eventually, Ramsey went into straight porn as Peter North and took the straight world by storm. He performed in around 1,500 straight films and he ran a successful production company and directed almost 50 films.

Ramsey/North never attached fanfare to his persona and fully severed ties with gay porn, occasionally appearing in gay magazines as late as the 1990s, and he was never punished by either the gay or straight industries or cultures for being involved in both.

Selected Filmography:

The Bigger the Better (1984)
Two Handfuls (1986)

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The Bigger the Better Scene 2

11 Aug 2016
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