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Brian Hawkes aka Shawn Mclvan

Born November 27, 1959 (California)

Brian Hawks (also billed as Brian Hawkes, Shawn McIvan, Angel Damien, Charles Michael Jourdan, and David Anders) performed in gay porn films during the early to mid '80s while he was in his early twenties. Hawks was cute, charming, and youthful looking with curly blond hair, blue eyes, a cleft chin, a swimmer's build, and a large dick.

His raunchy bathroom scene in director Matt Sterling's The Bigger the Better is one of his most outstanding scenes, and he was excellent as the lead in Nova's full-sound release Brian's Boys. Hawks was enormously popular during the '80s and he was versatile and exhibited a lot on-screen enjoyment of the sexual action in his performances.

Hawks was born and raised in California. He had a sheltered childhood and attended a Catholic military school. As a young man in California, Hawks had a lover who was in the porn business and Hawks got into it as a test to build his self-confidence. He always wanted to be known - to be in movies and draw attention. For his first film, California Boys, Hawks said he didn't have to audition, he just dropped his drawers and the filmmakers said, "Wonderful." His favorite of the movies he'd made was Like a Horse.

During an April 1985 interview with Stallion while Hawks was performing at the Follies Theater in New York City, Hawks discussed his frustration with the porn industry and his interest in leaving it to pursue a "legitimate acting career."

"Most of the people in the business, the people who pay the boys, are fuck-overs. They take as much as they can while giving as little as possible. This whole business is a big bunch of lies!"

He did say that he liked being a figure that people admired and it turned him on knowing people were beating off to him and made him happy that he was pleasing people. Hawks also critiqued the growing trend of porn videos at the time towards plot-less all-action emphasis. "I'd like to see more loving, hugging, and cuddling. There should be plenty of sex, of course, but I don't like my movies too blatant. I like plots and romance and happy endings - or, at least, endings that make sense. Nobody's going to keep paying... to see the same old stuff over and over - the producers better start giving us a little fun and romance."

Hawks said he had an opportunity to act on stage in Torch Song Trilogy but a jealous lover didn't want him to, so he turned down the part because his lover was more important to him than the role.

In addition to wanting to move into acting, Hawks said he was interested in selling designer clothing and that he had made Christopher Atkins' loincloth for Blue Lagoon and Bo Derek's bikini for 10. Of his temperament, Hawks said, "I'm very obstinate! I'm stubborn, and I want to do what I want to do. No one - no one - is going to tell me how to live my life! I want to get it all in. You only life once... Sky diving, water skiing, travel - all! I want it all!"

He said that part of his appeal - in addition to his body - was that he played to the camera well and "I strive to be better than everybody else - I want to be the best!"

Hawks at one point dated fellow popular blond surfer-type performer Lance and he liked to spend his free time going to the beach and having fun. He told Stallion that he "lived day by day" and spent his money on clothes and to make up a wardrobe he was proud of: "fashion, furs, leather, snakeskin boots, jewelry. I've got to live up to the expectations of the star role. If you're going to be a Star, you've got to act like one!"

Hawks had a heart tattoo that was a symbol for him "being kind" and "having a lot of feeling towards people" and a Playboy bunny tattooed by his pubic hair ("I like to joke that I'm a playboy with a heart-on"). Hawks vanished from the spotlight in the mid-'80s and was rumored to have died in a car accident.

Selected Filmography:

Lockerroom Fever (1983)
Brian's Boys (1983)
The Bigger the Better (1984)
Sex Toilets 2

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