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Eric Stryker

Eric Stryker
(aka Mike Kelly, Noel Kemp)

Born Michael Skrzypcak September 24, 1954 (Erie, Pennsylvania) - February 19, 1988

Tall, blond Eric Stryker, known for his handsome features and muscular physique, hailed from Erie, Pennsylvania. After serving as a sergeant in the Air Force, then working in construction in Phoenix, Arizona, Stryker moved to L.A. and began a modeling career, working with Colt Studios. He worked in the industry from 1981 through the mid '80s making appearances under the screen names of Mike Kelly and Noel Kemp also appearing in over 50 films. After his lover died of AIDS-related complications in 1984 and Stryker was diagnosed as HIV+, he became an activist for AIDS awareness, working with the AIDS Couples Group and the AIDS Project Los Angeles and traveling the country speaking. He continued his studies in architecture and his regular workouts. Stryker had a part in the 1987 PBS documentary It Starts with A, in which he can be seen marching in the Christopher Street West parade in L.A.

Selected Filmography:

Rawhide (1981)
Wrestling 2 (1983)
Student Bodies (1983)
Knockout (1984)
Lovers & Friends (1985)

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