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Chris Burns

1958 (Vallejo, California) - 1995

Chris Burns was a frequent performer in solo scenes (often with toys), rough BDSM scenes, and as an enthusiastic bottom. It is said that director Steve Scott told Burns that he had "the most beautiful cock in porn." Burns was serious about his workout routine and said that, while he was versatile enough to work in any position, he considered himself a bottom and enjoyed all kinds of sex, especially liking fisting and sexual pain. He enjoyed watching himself on video.

Selected Filmography:

The Gunslingers (1981)
Tony's Initiation (1983)
Men of the Midway (1983)
Dangerous (1983)
Getting It (1984)
Windows (1985)
Black on Red (1985)
Below the Belt (1986)
Magnum Griffin 7
Magnum Griffin 14

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Below the Belt

24 Jun 2019
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Below the Belt

24 Jun 2019
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16 Feb 2017
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