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Scared Stiff Part 4


Year Released: 1985
Studio: Bijou
Jack Deveau, Peter de Rome, Steve Scott, Michael Zen, Philip St. John, Gordon Hall, Dave Nesor, Kenneth Andrews, Roger Earl, Terry LeGrand, others uncredited

Tim Kramer, Al Parker, Steve Taylor, Bill Eld (aka Bill Young), Tim Kent, George Payne, Roy Clark, Glenn Brock, Jimmy Hughes, Bo Richards, Shawn Michaels, Dino Hard, Thomas Jeffries, Leather Rick, The Ghost, Joe Dietrich, Vince Perilli, others uncredited

Sexy, Scary, Supernatural! You will shiver with fright and delight and truly be "scared stiff" when you watch this compilation of classic sex scenes of a terrifying and otherworldly nature.

Ghost sex, erotic occult rituals, men lurking in darkened alleys waiting for their prey, nightmarish and hallucinatory visions, vampires looking to suck something other than blood, and men chained and punished in torch-lit dungeons.

Cast includes Tim Kramer, Al Parker, Steve Taylor, Bill Eld (aka Bill Young), George Payne, Roy Clark, Bo Richards, and Shawn Michaels.

Features scenes from Gay Racula, Getting It, Inches, Night of the Occultist, Strictly Forbidden, Four in Hand, A Ghost of a Chance, Centurians of Rome, The Destroying Angel, Needles and Pins, Erotic Hands, and Falconhead.

Gay Racula:
Tim Kramer recalls the night in the year 1783 when he first met the "Marquis de Suede." Twenty-one year old Tim visits the mustached Marquis in Transylvania. The Marquis, using his hypnotic abilities, convinces Tim to stay the night with him in his spooky castle. A sex scene between the two promptly ensues. They exchange blow jobs, then Tim fucks the Marquis. As they rest together, post-climax, the Marquis bites Tim's neck and turns him into a vampire, choosing to give him eternal life.

Getting It:
Cute blonde Randy is dreaming, set to a creepy soundtrack of howls and screams, about walking, in his tightly whiteys, through a foggy maze of leathermen towards the man of his dreams, Curt. Curt directs Randy's attention to how everyone is getting off and then begs the question if Randy wants Curt's big cock and hot cum.

Eerie but sexy heavy breathing is heard as Al Parker tosses and turns in bed. In his nightmare, he runs from masked men. A wild dream sequence follows, famous for its visual imagery. Steve Taylor jerks off and sucks off three anonymous dicks with wanton, greedy enthusiasm, deep-throating them and working from one cock to another, as men wearing white masks appear around him. With wild abandon, he rides one of the masked men's big cocks, then takes it on his back, his strong hairy legs spread wide in the air. Al Parker looks on in horror. It is creepy and sexy and taunting all at the same time, making for one of the best dream sequences ever done in porn.

Night of the Occultist:
Four men in ritualistic robes and masks stand before a bearded redhead with big nuts, foreskin, and a lean, smooth body as he lies on a red mat in an Egyptian hall. Red lifts of their robes to suck their cocks, each in turn. Later, two of the masked men hold the man's arms as he's fucked up the ass doggie style by a hung man who shoots a no-hands, huge orgasm all over his back and ass.

Strictly Forbidden:
A handsome young man (Thomas Jeffries) learns of his inmost desires on a trip to a strange art museum in France. When he enters a private exhibit, he encounters a group of statues that come to life. An orgy proceeds, with one man fucked with a massive dildo (excellently captured in larger-than-life closeups) and others fucking and sucking and rimming. This five-man orgy ends with all of the men shooting cum loads over Thomas, and dragging him, screaming, towards the "unusual and shocking ending to this tale... The twilight zone is an erotic zone" (Hand in Hand Films press release) Four in Hand: Drunken Bo Richards and Dino Hard go to bed and their spirits arise from their bodies and have sex together in this segment, "The Spirit Is Willing," from the Nova release Four in Hand. Dino sucks off Bo and Bo rams right into Dino over the sofa. After this "spiritual sex," they return to their bodies.

A Ghost of a Chance:
Redheaded boy/man Jerry (Glenn Brock) can't shake his dead lover Cass, played by prettier-than-Leif Garret Roy Clark, who keeps appearing to him as a ghost. Interrupting Jerry in the kitchen, Cass pulls down his jeans and rims him, then turns him around and sucks his cock. Jerry's (living) lover, played by Jimmy Hughes, spies on this ghostly blow job, only seeing Jerry with his cock bobbing up and down in the air.

Centurians of Rome:
Bearded George Payne, clad only in a loincloth, is chained in a dungeon in this atmospheric scene. All around him, Roman guards whip and fuck other captive men, as Payne struggles against his restraints.

The Destroying Angel:
In this scene from director Peter de Rome's film based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe, Caswell Campbell (Tim Kent), a haunted man torn between the call of the cloth and his own pent-up feelings inside, takes home Bud (Bill Eld aka Bill Young). Distracted by terrifying hallucinations, Caswell is fucked and spanked by Bud, and even spanks himself in an act of penance. The scene is a blur of disturbing sights and bloodless, almost brutal sex. Bud chokes Campbell with his cock and whips him with a belt, all while creepy electronic music (an original and near-amazing score by Joe Mann) adds an air of sinister dread. Bedeviled by repeated glimpses of his alter ego, this marks the beginning of Campbell's journey into a nightmare world of hallucinogenic drugs and supernatural sex.

Needles and Pins:
Excerpts from the classic Slave and Master series release, featuring heavy BDSM action. The overall effect resembles performance art, a body pierced symmetrically by the same type of pins resembling mini-hypodermic needles. Leather Rick deftly and clinically pierces all areas of the body of The Ghost, a hairy-chested bear, who ends up resembling a field marked with stakes or perhaps a pincushion, especially his thick uncut cock. The Ghost is so zoned out by the experience, he is silent. He doesn't even wince. But the soundtrack wails and screams with cheesy horror movie effects, which match the air of terror set by the opening shot of the room's decor, a skull and dripping candles.

Erotic Hands:
helmeted individual wearing skin-tight jeans and loud, echoing motorcycle boots (woof!) mounts a motorcycle and rides to a warehouse. Another helmeted individual (who turns out to be the top in the scene) awaits him on his own motorcycle. As the phantasmagorical scene continues, odd obscure close-up shots of hands and gloves abound. The two leathermen make love on the Honda, using motor oil for lubricant, leaving black hand-prints on bare asses. The top never removes his helmet until the very end, at which time he throws back his head and emits a high-pitched, maniacal laugh.

This final scene from Michael Zen's symbolic, mythic, electrifying film begins with a cut, sculpted blond man (Joe Dietrich) standing over a bound Vince Perilli. He and a mustachioed dark-haired man toss around, deeply rim, and roughly fuck Perelli, whose story ends with a chilling twist.