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Food Sex Part 6


Year Released: 1994

Cast: Larry Paige, Michael Keenan, Tommy Dianna, David Ashfield (non-sexual), Jack Luft (non-sexual), Randy Rider, Michael Cummings, Jeff Stone, Hugh Allen, David Gorsky, Casey Donovan (non-sexual), Matthew Baker, Bart Green, Scott O'Hara, Nick Dallas, John Kass, Tim Kent, Coke Hennessy, Jamal Jones, Michael Kade, Alexis Knight, Jerome Smith, Nick Krastroff, Joel Curry, Pierce Daniels, Cole Taylor, Ty Jones (non-sexual), Randy Cochran (non-sexual), Ebony Ayes (non-sexual), Edwardo Lopez, Alcides Vicente, Jason Robles, Jose Pelos, Randy, Joe Gage, Dave Daniels, Greg Miers, others unknown

A Bijou Video original compilation of classic gay porn scenes focusing on sex, masturbation, foreplay, and fantasy involving food. Zucchinis, ears of corn, sausages, whipped cream, frosting, tomatoes, grapes, cucumbers, carrots, hot dogs, cantaloupes, bananas, and more!

Featuring nearly two hours' worth of selections from many films, including Twelve at Noon, Big Bear Men, Home Movies, Hard Disk Drive, Rough Trades, Butt of Course, Butthole Banquet 2, California Blue, The Night Before, Lovers and Friends, Hooked on Hispanics 2: Bronx Crew, Butthole Banquet 3, and Morning Noon and Night, plus some brief interludes from other gay porn classics!

This compilation opens with a short clip from J. Brian's CHAPTER 3 (1971) of one man at a cookout putting another man's cock into a hot dog bun, squirting a line of mustard on it, then, eating the bun from around his cock and sucking the mustard off!

Next is a classic sequence from Steve Scott's TWELVE AT NOON (1976), featuring cute redhead Larry Paige as a waiter who is putting together dessert for his boss and his boss' "friend". Paige's boss forgets to turn the intercom off and Paige overhears what he's up to with his buddy, becomes aroused, and fucks a hole the cantaloupe that he's brought out to serve. Just before he's about to cum, Paige gets a big bowl of whipped cream out of the fridge, rubs it on his cock, then cums in the whipped cream. Paige balls the melon and places it and the cummy whipped cream upon a jello mold, then winks at the camera as he takes it to deliver to his boss and pal.

Following that, we have a scene from BIG BEAR MEN (1992, C.O.A. Productions) showing a furry guy sucking on a carrot and shoving a fat cucumber up his hairy asshole. He then jerks himself off, cums on his fuzzy stomach, and eats the cum off his finger.

After this is a very brief shot of handsome Casey Donovan with cum all over his face, from the movie CASEY (1971, Donald Crane), as he looks into the camera and coyly exclaims, "Protein!"

Next is a fun scene from HOME MOVIES (1990, John Stevens), in which one slim younger man (Tommy Dianna) wakes another one (Michael Keenan) up to serve him his late night milk and cookies. Michael requests for his cock to be heated up with a warm cloth, but complains about the cloth being too hot. Tommy knows how to cool it down, dipping it in the glass of milk. He then sucks the milk off of his cock, sprays it up thoroughly with Reddi-Whip, and sucks that off of it, too! Michael takes a turn with the whipped dessert topping, squirting it all over Tommy's ass and balls and fucking him hard. Sweet!

An interlude from the Toby Ross release CLASSMATES (1986) follows, in which student David Ashfield sucks on an over sized lollipop and flirts with his teacher (Jack Luft) to a goofy whistling soundtrack.

Then comes a segment from HARD DISK DRIVE (Surge Studio, 1985). Adorable redheaded Randy Rider serves up more than a banana split to an older, humpy, mustached customer in his soda fountain, while another lustful, brown-haired youth watches, admiring and erotically sucking on a hot dog. This young man joins the other two for some threeway action of fucking and sucking on the bar stools and over a table, complete with a huge cumshot!

Following that is a jaw-dropping scene from Hand in Hand's ROUGH TRADES (1977, directed by Jack Deveau) where Steve Dory and deliveryman David Gorsky get stuck in an elevator with a grocery bag and Gorsky's impressive asshole accommodates everything in the bag: celery stocks, ears of corn, a massive sausage, and an eggplant!

Next, back to CASEY for some quirky flirtation between another grocery deliveryman and Casey Donovan, himself. The grocery boy chews gum and hands Donovan a bag of potatoes. Donovan offers him one and the delivery boy bites into it, saying that potatoes make him horny.

Then comes a section from another release from C.O.A. Productions/Richard Bulger, BUTT OF COURSE (1990). Hairy-chested Matthew Baker washes off an ear of corn, fucks himself with it, and jerks off to climax!

After that, another C.O.A. Productions scene from BUTTHOLE BANQUET 2 (1988). Bart Green, a man in his mid-30's dressed in an open shirt to reveal his masculine chest, luciously blows a fresh cucumber before fucking himself with it. The camera zooms in for closeups of his sphincter flexing (his hole is giant, round, and puckered) while he jacks off.

Up next is a very hot scene from CALIFORNIA BLUE (1985). The late, great, hugely hung cutie Scott O'Hara, here with a blond mohawk and sly grin, narrates a recollection of when he was stealing vegetables from a farmer's field one summer and was stopped by the farmer and a cop. The farmer and cop give O'Hara a hard time, and punk O'Hara complains as they haul him off, handcuff him, and have him blow them both. Narrator O'Hara smirks and says that they didn't realize how much he liked what was happening. The farmer even pull out a big cucumber and shove it up O'Hara's ass, and then both men stuff their cocks into O'Hara's willing asshole at the same time, fucking him simultaneously. They cum on O'Hara's back and tug him him, collecting the cum on their fingers and feeding it to O'Hara. Narrator O'Hara, cock in hand, jerks off as he fondly remembers this scene.

Then we have a weird, psychedelic excerpt from director Peter de Rome's THE DESTROYING ANGEL (1976, Hand in Hand Films). Tim Kent is spanked and penetrated by a zucchini in bed in this triply-edited scene!

Another strange, fun, surreal sequence follows from director Arch Brown's THE NIGHT BEFORE (1973), also from Hand in Hand Films. Coke Hennessy serves a party of men champagne and fruit and watches as they pair up. They feed each other apples, pour champagne on each others' bodies, kiss, and roll around. Coke finds a large cock in a fruit bowl and enthusiastically sucks it. All of the men begin to come together in an orgy.

Afterwards are a few short clips from Roger Earl's SEX LUNCH (1985), in which nude waiters serve food and the restaurant patrons and staff make food/sex puns.

Then we have a section from Steve Scott and Ron Pearson-directed LOVERS AND FRIENDS (1985). Joel Curry gets up from the table where he and his lover are sitting at a restaurant and goes to find the restroom. Macho Pierce Daniels is making desserts in the kitchen, watches him walk by, and the two men come together for sucking and rimming. Daniels pipes a thick line of frosting onto Curry's asshole and eats it. Server Cole Taylor walks by and sees them and they begin a threeway with Taylor fucking Curry, using a handful of butter as lube.

Next is a short clip from Edward Lee's BLACK JACKS (1989, produced by Gino Colbert), showing hot, toned black men Ty Jones and Randy Cochran baking cookies and kissing in the kitchen. Ebony Ayes eats one of the cookies as she rolls her eyes and comments that she doesn't know how they get any baking done with how they're carrying on.

After that is a segment from director Brian Brennan's HOOKED ON HISPANICS 2: BRONX CREW (1990) set during a dinner in which four sexy Latino men are served a dinner of hot dogs and baked beans. They eat the food and begin to touch themselves under the table, inter-cut with one of the men lustily examining a hot dog on his plate and sucking on it. One of the men climbs under the table and touches a well-muscled man's cock, but says he's never sucked cock before. Soon, he's sucking two alternately, begging for more, as they group into a four-man orgy. This guy shows himself to be the pig he really is, (barely) sharing the muscular man's cock with the cute younger man who is also trying to suck it.

A scene from C.O.A. Productions/Richard Bulger's BUTTHOLE BANQUET 3 (1988) follows. A butch man with a mustache wearing only a denim jacket, socks, a construction worker's helmet, a cockring, and sunglasses rubs a cucumber all over his ass and shoves it up it in this hot sequence. Many excellent closeups of the cucumber penetration follow. He finally jacks off and cums on his stomach.

Ending this compilation is a great food sex segment from Nick Eliot's MORNING, NOON AND NIGHT (1975). Joe Gage (director of Kansas City Trucking Co. and its sequels) has a romantic dinner with Dave Daniels. They get into a fight just as one of their other lovers, Greg Meirs stumbles home, and Joe attempts to pie Dave in the face, but it winds up hitting Greg. Things get messy, but the three men wind up on the floor, rolling apples and grapes on each others' bodies, eating, licking, and sucking. An assortment of pieces of lettuce and cherry tomatoes are set up around one of their cocks, as Gage chows down on this dick salad. They entangle in threeway 69 formations and then Greg and Dave bend Joe over and shove a gigantic, curved squash up his ass. They all suck each other off to climax and end the scene wrapped up together, kissing.