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The Best Of Bruno Part 3


Year Released: 1984

Studio: Bullet Productions

Cast: Bruno, Jeremy Brent, Will Seagers, Josh Kincaid, Shane

A compilation of some of Bruno's hottest vintage gay porn movies. Bruno, with his hunky chest and inimitable burly, butch good looks, was perhaps the quintessential gay porn icon from the "gay macho" period of the 1970s and early 80s.

The first vignette, "Anatomy of an Idol," is also featured under the title "The Man" in Bullet Videopac 7. Bruno strips down and oils up before he takes us on a jerk-off journey. Bruno slowly makes love to his dick and soon he shoots a huge jet-like load right into the pool.

The second vignette, "Master Lesson," is also featured in Bullet Videopac 9. Bruno and Josh Kincaid get down and dirty. While out by the pool body posing, Josh can't help but get hot looking at Bruno's nude body. Josh goes down on Bruno's cock. They kiss and caress for a while. Bruno now eats out Josh's ass. Bruno now bends Josh over and shoves his cock into him. Bruno pulls out and turns around Josh only to shove it in again. Bruno now shoots a fair size load all over Josh's stomach. Josh in turn shoots a huge load that he lets drip out an downward.

The third vignette, "Bruno & Will," is also featured in Bullet Videopac 6 as "Bruno Will." This scene opens with Will Seagers slowly applying sun tan oil to Bruno's back, out on the patio. Both boys are nude, and Will can't help but continuously rub Bruno's ass. Will goes down on Bruno and slowly moves into a 69 position so that Bruno can have a taste of him as well. Bruno climbs on top of Will and face fucks him; then he gets back on the cot and sucks off Will. They 69 again while Bruno plays with Will's ass. In the pool now, the two boys kiss and caress each other; it looks like Bruno is fucking Will, but you see now penetration. Will goes back to going down on Bruno. On the ground now, Bruno fucks Will with his legs in the air. Bruno pulls out and shoots a huge load of cum all over Will's chest and stomach. Will joins him by shooting a good-sized load of his own that comes out in big globs all over his stomach.

The fourth vignette, "Pick-Up Truck," is also featured in the film Pleasures in the Sun. Burly, butch, furry-chested Bruno fucks his lover, Shane, over a pickup truck's tailgate in the desert and gets his boner deep-throated in robust sex play.

The fifth vignette, "Laid Back," is also featured in Bullet Videopac 8. While resting together, Bruno and Jeremy Brent start to get hot. Soon Jeremy is going down on Bruno, and then they fall into a 69 position. Bruno now shoves his cock into Jeremy and fucks him for all it it worth. They both shoot big loads all over each other.