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Love A Man With A Beard Part 1


Year: 1994

Cast: Al Parker, Steve Taylor, Duncan, Michael Braun, Jim Rogers, Jeff Colt, Craig Webster, Glen Dime, Val Martin, George Payne, Ray Frank, Larry Burns, Bob Eck, Nik Borg, Tom Clarke, Mike Mitchell, Steve King, Tom Sawyer, Duff Paxton

That attraction to men with beards ... it's almost that growth on the face in some cases exudes sex, even if one doesn't fetishize hair itself. In fact, one study recently claimed that a trimmed beard or a ten-day stubble on a guy is the most sexy for women (and thus gay men). The first of four volumes featuring some of the hottest vintage gay porn scenes starring bearded men! This volume includes scenes from classic gay porn movies: Wanted, Mr. Footlong's Encounter, Dangerous, A Sweet Taste of Youth, Bullet Videopac 4 ("Glen's Cove"), Born to Raise Hell, Centurians of Rome, Left-Handed, Duffy's Tavern, and Twelve at Noon.

Scene Descriptions:

Wanted: This is a flashback, in which Al Parker's character remembers his affair with a ranch hand (his real-life lover, Steve Taylor). It's a lyrical sex scene in barn between two these bearded men, the sunlight filtering through. Taylor finds Parker washing up and comes to him. They kiss and (literally) roll in the hay. Taylor gropes Parker through his jeans, undoes his fly, and deep-throats his meaty cock. Now, both undressed, Parker gives Taylor a thorough, spitty blow-job, then rims him. Parker fucks Taylor, first with his dick and then with his balls in Taylor's ass. The scene ends with Parker jerking off onto Taylor's face.

Mr. Footlong's Encounter: Duncan, a handsome, bearded black man with a large dick and a gentle nature, is a very skillful fucker. He lives with his lover, a butch, hairy, bearded red-head, who brings a trick home to their luxurious house in the Hollywood Hills. Duncan's lover and his trick (a mustached man with a tattoo of a bull on his ass) fool around beside the pool. Duncan comes outside and finds his lover sucking the trick's cock. He quickly sheds his robe and joins in the action. Duncan and his lover both service the third man, until his lover leaves to take a break and Duncan takes over the job. Psychedelic visuals accompany the end of this scene, as Duncan holds the man's legs open wide and fucks him.

Dangerous: Scene between Grizzly Adams-esque Michael Braun, who devours dick as if it were a fine pastry, and his lover Jim Rogers. Braun hops into bed with Rogers and peels down the covers. He kisses his way down Rogers' chest, then sucks his dick. They 69, rim each other, and fuck each other to lush sounds of violins and the glow of a roaring fire, with much tenderness, kissing, and a huge cumshot from Braun.

A Sweet Taste of Youth: Handsome, bearded Jeff Colt and his younger, pretty boyfriend Craig Webster are sharing a romantic, fire-lit evening in a cabin together with glasses of wine. They kiss, then undress. Craig sucks Jeff's cock, then Jeff plows Craig in front of the fireplace and delivers a large load on his back. The scene ends again in a tender moment as Jeff places kisses on Craig's face.

Bullet Videopac 4 -- Glen's Cove: This is a poolside solo scene featuring Glen Dime, a mature, muscular, bearded Target model. Dime rests by the pool. As he stirs, he begins to touch himself, finally coming up into a kneeling, then a standing position, in which he strokes his tick meat to climax.

Born to Raise Hell: Bearded leather top-daddy Val Martin gets his in this scene. Val comes upon a newspaper, which has the headline: "Policeman's Son Brutalized by Sadists" (the leader of these sadist, in previous scenes, was Val). The scene shifts to a forest area, where two bearded cops jump Val. They tie him to a tree and viciously punch and pummel their victim, then carry him to a clearing, lay him on the ground, and fuck his firm, tight ass with a nightstick until Val is exhausted. The cops leave and Val, nude and aching, crawls away.

Centurians of Rome: Demetrius (George Payne), held captive in Ancient Rome, is serviced by two bath servants in this scene from the expensive costume epic from Hand in Hand Films. Payne is shackled and the two servants approach him, commenting that he's "hard and strong" and "handsome like a gladiator." They wash his body, then strip him of his loincloth and suck his cock together, as Payne struggles slightly, but mostly silently endures the attention. One of the bath servants plays with Payne's nipples and deep-throats him, as the other servant blows the first servant. Payne, against his will, cums in the first servant's mouth. The scene ends with both bath servants standing and jerk off while admiring and fondling Payne.

Left- Handed: Two shaggy-haired, bearded brunets (Ray Franks and Larry Burns) fuck in a trippy black-and-white/color fantasy sequence. This scene jumps back and forth between Ray's home, where he jerks off on his couch (as his older neighbor spies on him), and the fantasy scene between him and Larry, and features close-ups of kissing, blow jobs, and penetration, where the action becomes abstract. Ass-fingering and fucking round out the scene, and fantasy-Larry cums all over Ray's face. Ray snaps out of his fantasy, looks out the window to smile at his voyeur neighbor, and walks towards the camera until his package fills the frame.

Duffy's Tavern: A long-haired, mustached blond bartender a bearded brunet man in patchwork jeans stay after closing time. They undress each other and exchange blow jobs. They 69 on top of the bar and stay up there as the bartender sits on the bearded man's face. The bartender licks the bearded man's balls as he jerks off, then he fucks the bartender's face to climax.

Twelve at Noon: Bearded and blond Mike Mitchell sits before a gloryhole in a public park restroom, waiting. He sucks off jogger Steve King, workman Tom Sawyer, and 1970's clone Duff Paxton. The four literally gorge themselves in oral and anal delights as they break into an orgy, always conscious of getting caught by an intruder.