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Love A Man With A Beard Part 2


Year: 1994

Cast: Al Parker, Steve Taylor, Duncan, Michael Braun, Jim Rogers, Jeff Colt, Craig Webster, Glen Dime, Val Martin, George Payne, Ray Frank, Larry Burns, Bob Eck, Nik Borg, Tom Clarke, Mike Mitchell, Steve King, Tom Sawyer, Duff Paxton

That attraction to men with beards ... it's almost that growth on the face in some cases exudes sex, even if one doesn't fetishize hair itself. In fact, one study recently claimed that a trimmed beard or a ten-day stubble on a guy is the most sexy for women (and thus gay men). The first of four volumes featuring some of the hottest vintage gay porn scenes starring bearded men! This volume includes scenes from classic gay porn movies: Wanted, Mr. Footlong's Encounter, Dangerous, A Sweet Taste of Youth, Bullet Videopac 4 ("Glen's Cove"), Born to Raise Hell, Centurians of Rome, Left-Handed, Duffy's Tavern, and Twelve at Noon.

Scene Descriptions:

Mr. Footlong's Encounter: Duncan, a handsome, bearded black man with a large dick and a gentle nature, is a very skillful fucker. He lives with his lover, a butch, hairy, bearded red-head, who brings a trick home to their luxurious house in the Hollywood Hills. Duncan's lover and his trick (a mustached man with a tattoo of a bull on his ass) fool around beside the pool. Duncan comes outside and finds his lover sucking the trick's cock. He quickly sheds his robe and joins in the action. Duncan and his lover both service the third man, until his lover leaves to take a break and Duncan takes over the job. Psychedelic visuals accompany the end of this scene, as Duncan holds the man's legs open wide and fucks him.