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American Cream Part 2


Year Released: 1972
Studio: Hand in Hand
Director: Rob Simple aka playwright Jean-Claude van Itallie
Cast: Robert Rikas, Dorothy Dean, Doug Romain, Sam Block, Arch Sampson, Chuck Thomas, Tom Peterson

This unusual vintage gay porn feature film is a three-vignette fuck flick that doubles as a social commentary on America and desire.

Opening with The Office, a sunglassed executive (Robert Rikas) pulls out his file of head shots of macho men and whacks his knobby dick to fantasies of military men.

Director Rob Simple (a.k.a. playwright Jean-Claude van Itallie) showcases the unquestioned authority and dominance of the white male executive by having his black secretary (Dorothy Deane, credited as Black Barbarella) enter his signature on official papers and appear unfazed by his actions, and by Robert calling his underling (Doug Romain) in for participation in the boss's flights of fancy. Doug knows the routine and submits willingly; his office is filled with jingoistic salvos to exhort him onward and upward to corporate success.

Doug participates by entering his own fantasy world, transmuting his degradation and inferiority to the fulfillment of his own desires. Doug, defined and slender, rims his muscular and dark boss roughly and sucks his fat, wide bone. Robert then rims Doug's pale cheeks and pushes his tongue deep into Doug's crack before fucking him soundly on the floor. Turned on, Doug eroticizes found objects in the office, playing with a water bottle, telephone, and Robert's boot (which he tries to shove up his ass).

Sitting on Robert's stiff pole, the director overlays images of Doug sitting on the Washington Monument to underscore the pent-up sexual energy, yet overt sexual imagery that tensely co-exists in our culture. It is also a not-to-subtle dig at the worker's plight in American society: getting fucked. Doug becomes incensed and, in a rage, tears up Robert's office and throws him down for furious humping on his desk, spanking and plowing Robert's upturned ass before splashing his cum onto Robert's face.

Unlike standard fuck films, we are denied close-ups, penetration shots, and awful, dubbed moans and groans; we are given the opportunity to view the full action set to military-themed music.

Next, Country Lads shows just how deep lust runs in the American psyche when it infects a New England sheriff (Sam Block, listed as Buddy), a woodsman (Robert Rikas), and two back-to-nature hippies (Arch Sampson and Chuck Thomas) as they cavort in the snow and in a barn. There is a stunning segment in which Robert runs naked, except for his black leather boots, in the snow with his hard cock bouncing as the horny trio chase him and hogtie him over a saw horse.

The sheriff rams Robert violently as the hippies fuck offering a fantastic shot of side-by-side, hairy men fucking.

In the highly erotic and intimate Roles, a tuxedoed and elegant bon vivant (Tom Peterson) picks up Times Square cowboy Doug Romain -- who has his white Levis seams torn up and replaced with rawhide laces. Slowly stripping and getting into a shower, Doug soaps his taut body as Tom voyeurs and jacks off. Lying in bed, Doug tongue-bathes his trade, licking his stockinged feet and getting toe-fucked by Tom. They passionately kiss and rub their ever-hard dicks together, their mere touch sparking heat and dreamy longing.

After mutual slurping on each other's love knob, Doug rides Tom's proffered ass with his cockringed hard-on and pleases him decidedly as they laugh and smile in satisfaction.

With a jump-cut back to Times Square, we see a cowboy exit Tom's Mercedes and discover it's Tom, who has changed costumes and roles with Doug.

The director has created a masterful pictorial comment on role-playing and the juxtaposition of the well-heeled Tom and the rough and studly Doug, and their ultimate interchangeability speaks to our socially mobile society.

An artistic and sensual vintage gay porn delight, this film explores almost the entire gamut of sexuality, from costumes to foot fetishes, guns, bondage, leather, boots, and objects.

Well-paced and insightful, the sex alone is hot enough for several viewings.

Called "one of the best gay sex porno flicks ever" by the Village Voice, this BIJOU VIDEO release was originally shot on 16mm film.