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Best Of Surge Part 4


Year: 1985
Studio: Surge Studio
Director: Al Parker
Cast: Al Parker, Shawn Roberts, Drake Cass, David Ashfield, Mike Charles, Scott Avery, Jason Steele, Glen Steers, Dave Connors, Rydar Hanson

This vintage gay sex movie is a compilation featuring some of the hottest and most unique scenes from Al Parker's Surge Studios films.

Al Parker wanted to be his own boss and saw opportunities to make money by producing his own product, and thus he and his boyfriend, started Surge Studios.

Consistent features in a "Surge Studios" film included well-lit scenes, complex camera angles, and slow-motion "money shots" at the point of climax.

Overall, these vintage gay movies focus intently on how raw, rough, masculine sex drives a variety of exciting male-on-male interactions.

Scene from Therapy: Despite the threat of arrest, Shawn Roberts can't stop having sex in public washrooms when he sees blond and cute Drake Cass's beautifully uncut and long cock poking through a glory hole. Shawn licks the shiny cockhead through the foreskin as he plays with his own penis and rubs the nipples protruding from his hairy chest. Shawn ends up taking the dude's cum on his face.

Scene from Strange Places, Strange Things: Maintenance men David Ashfield and Michael Charles start of the flick by taking a break on a gas main and getting out of their overalls in a dirty underground tunnel. Charles shares blowjobs with Ashfield and gives a good display of cock-sucking before taking bone up his chute and blowing his load.

Scene from Hard Disk Drive: Scott Avery lies in a motel room whacking his truly prodigious endowment as a hunky, muscular, hairy older gent voyeurs him, jerking his thick, uncut sausage in rhythm. Breaking in, he quickly gulps Scott's long pole, then tops him for too-brief 69 action. This daddy type knows how to treat a young punk like Scott, and kneads his beefy buns and spreads his cheeks wide for deep tongue-rimming, all wonderfully captured by the now energized cameras. With long, painful storkes, daddy plunders Scott's tender hole, pulling all the way out of him and beginning again by ramming him viciously.

Scene from One in a Billion: On the way to the office, Dave and another businessman, Glenn Steers, get it on in a glass elevator. Steers, with his own large boner, a hairy chest and outstanding nipples, strips with Dave and shoves his tool up the big man's ass.

Scene from Head Trips: The second fantasizer takes a seat in the sci-fi wishing chair that grants fantasies at the drop of coin and orders up a suck scene with none other than Al Parker. Al sucks the guy's dick on a blacked out soundstage, then the boys trade off on oral with some 69 on the floor with Al on the bottom. Parker eats some puckerhole like a pro, then lies back and takes a fuck on his back.