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Sex Toilets 2 Part 6


Year Released: 1994
Studio: Bijou
Director: Various

Cast: Al Parker; Joel Thomas; Greg Dale (aka Dale Arnold); Brian Hawks (aka Shawn McIvan); Doug Weston; Roger; Garry Hunt; Jack Wrangler (non-sexual role); Rick Faulkner; Steve Taylor; Mark Jennings; Thom Littlewolf; Toby Laurence; Bill; Del; others uncredited.

Where there's a public toilet, there's hot sex! That's the premise of this compilation of classic gay porn t-room scenes including excerpts from Turned On!, The Bigger the Better, and Dangerous and stars like Al Parker, Roger, Brian Hawks, and Mark Jennings.

Al Parker, Joel Thomas, Sky Dawson, Greg Dale (aka Dale Arnold)
Al Parker spots Sky Dawson at a bar and follows him to a john, only to lose him. Parker ends up fucking a cute blond (Joel Thomas) in a stall. When the stall door accidentally swings open, Parker sees a man (Greg Dale) servicing Dawson's thick, uncut rod by the sinks, but when he comes out, Dawson is gone again.

Brian Hawks (aka Shawn McIvan), Doug Weston, others uncredited.
Classic bathroom sequence that starts with hot and nasty blond cutie Brian Hawks jacking off in a stall ogling Doug Weston's huge cock through a glory hole while Weston takes a piss. Weston then sticks his cock through the hole and gets a hot, wet, nasty blowjob from Hawks, spraying his load all over the cocksucker's face. Another guy sticks his ass under the stall to get rimmed, then blows more seed on Hawks. Two more guys come by and Hawks services them all, including getting on the dirty bathroom floor to ride a cock while sucking a gorgeous brunette off. The scene ends with cum splattering everywhere. If you've ever dreamed of being a total toilet tramp whore, you will learn how to do it watching this scene for sure!

Roger, Garry Hunt, Jack Wrangler (non-sexual role)
Roger and Jack Wrangler enter Wrangler's apartment and Roger has to piss. Despite the fact that hairy, beefy painter Garry Hunt is showering in the bathroom, Roger enters. Roger pisses in the painter's mouth and the painter sucks him off and eats his cum.

Rick Faulkner, Steve Taylor
A bearded businessman (Steve Taylor) sucks Rick Faulkner's fattie through a glory hole and then pushes his fleshy keister up to the hole so Faulkner can fuck him through it. Faulkner sure does; he slams into the businessman and practically knocks down the wall separating them. When he's about to cum, the businessman backs off his dick and Faulkner shoots the most stunning load of goo - in slow motion, no less!

A classic all-black bathroom orgy scene. After some naughty urinal cruising, some eight men end up entangled: fucking, sucking, jerking off, and taking cum in a public men's room. The men pair off in different ways and finally stand around watching two of the guys hump on the bathroom floor. They jerk off to completion, with big cumshots abounding.

Mark Jennings, Thom Littlewolf
Leather jacket-clad Mark Jennings enters a public restroom, passing Thom Littlewolf, and pisses in a urinal. Littlewolf watches him and Jennings chews him out for watching. Littlewolf tells Jennings that he has one of the biggest cocks he's ever seen. It is indeed enormous, and Jennings lets Little wolf suck it. Jennings cums on Littlewolf's face. Littlewolf begs Jennings to fuck him, and he does, over a bench in the restroom. Jennings again cums, this time on Littlewolf's abs. Littlewolf suggests they do it again sometime and Jennings spits on him and says, "Fuck you," exiting the restroom. Littlewolf uses the spit as lube and jerks off while mentally replaying the encounter.

Toby Laurence, Bill, Del
Hot glory hole scene starring younger guys, entitled 'Head Hunters.' Toby Laurence watches and strokes along as Bill and Del have sex in the next stall over, finally pushing himself under the stall and underneath Bill and Del as they finish.

Two younger guys, one a brunette and the other a cute redhead, eye each other through a glory hole between their bathroom stalls. The brunette is the first to stick his cock through and the redhead enthusiastically sucks him off. The redhead then sticks his dick through and the brunette licks and swallows it. They lay on the floor and 69 under the stall for a while, then the brunette rides the redhead's cock and shoots a load on the redhead's hairy chest. The redhead fucks the brunette doggy-style briefly and cums on the brunette's ass.