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Mr Footlong Encounter Part 5


Year Released: 1973
Studio: Hawk Productions
Director: J.J. English

Cast: Duncan; Louis Gomez; Antonio; Bob Stevens; Bob Avers

Duncan, a handsome black man with a large dick and a gentle nature, is a very skillful fucker. He lives with his lover, a butch, bearded Caucasian man who brings a trick home (a luxurious home in the Hollywood Hills) only to have Duncan steal him from him. This, of course, causes some tension. Such is the simple story.

Duncan's lover, at the beginning of the film, comes home with a trick and they fuck beside the pool. Meanwhile, two of Duncan's black friends are in the house discussing cock. Duncan happens by and encourages them to fuck - which they do, humping ass hard and intensely.

Duncan later joins the duo outside and makes it a three-way, plowing asshole with his big cock. Later, Duncan storms off, mad at his lover, only to catch the gardener masturbating through his overalls and joins in, beating his own dick by the fence while watching.

A friendly neighbor stops by, inviting Duncan to "play with his ass." He is more than happy to oblige and begins the sex by playing with his tits and pulling on his nuts. Mutual blow jobs (with the gardener having difficulty due to the size of Duncan's hard-on) is followed by Duncan fucking the guy's ass deep.

The vintage gay porn classic film ends with the lovers consoling one another and making up -- this of course leads to sex, the lover putting his toes into Duncan's mouth. The lover takes a ride on Duncan's dick and they fuck and suck in several different positions.

A breathy gay sex movie strong on fucking. The scene with the duo in the house, by a fireplace, is very good and offers excellent ass-fucking closeups and sweaty intimacy from the horny actors.

Another plus of the movie is the depiction of Duncan as a sensitive, sexual black man, despite the stereotype of being called "Mr. Footlong."

Furthermore, tenderness is prime here, with the actors having genuine interest in one another and not the typical wham-bam kind of sex.

"Sexually the film features some of the best anal intercourse sequences... also features a quality often lacking in porn films of all kinds - tenderness." - The BIJOU reviewer.

A Hawk film produced by J.J. English and photographed by J.T. Moon.