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The Erotic Films Of Peter de Rome Part 6


Year Released: 1970-1972
Director: Peter de Rome
Studio: Hand in Hand
Cast: Ray Frank, Uncredited

BIJOU is proud to present this Hand-in-Hand film collection of eight short films from brilliant filmmaker Peter de Rome.

Artistic, erotic, homoerotic and explosive, these vintage gay porn classic films boast both an artistic appeal and feature a variety of natural, dangerous and intriguing manhood!

Double Exposure was filmed on Fire Island in 1969 and features homoerotic content. A man notices a naked figure standing by a window in a house and enters the home, only to be confronted with the figure laying on a sofa below while he's standing on a staircase; he watches the body twist in sensual abandon until he descends the stairs and finds the man gone.

Hot Pants was filmed in New York in 1971 and was the winner of the "Best Short" award at the Amsterdam Wet Dream Film Festival in 1971. Here, a black man with a monstrously huge, uncut cock is shown dancing and gyrating naked. He beats off his tremendous cock and shoots a huge load of cum all over the place, filmed in larger-than-life and super huge close-up!

The Second Coming was filmed in London, Paris, Malaga and Marbella in 1970. What follows are interesting, artful shots of a Christ-like figure on a cross who is shown reaching erection without touching his cock. Zooms on the man's cock and balls proceed from flaccid to erect states and the figure is presented as being "punished" by not being able to jack off since his hands are bound to the cross like Christ.

Daydreams from a Crosstown Buswas filmed in New York in 1972. A mustached, Italian-looking man rides a bus and joins another at night, sucking cock, then fucking missionary style.

Also includes: Prometheus (a combination of Greek myth with rough and naked manhood; made in 1972 in New York), Underground (in which sex is had on an actual moving subway; made in 1972 in New York), Mumbo Jumbo (a hilarious comedy with a tongue-in-cheek approach; made in 1972 in both London and New York), and Green Thoughts (a gathering of lust and nature's natural wonders; made in 1970-71 in Kew Gardens, London).

"It ranks high on the list of all-time classics and boasts an artistic achievement that puts most mainstream productions to shame. They just don't make 'em like this any more." - Adult Video News

"A Gay Porn Masterpiece... He has an eye, and a feeling for film rhythm, this Peter de Rome, as well as a visual understanding of the coordinates of gay existence ..." - Chicago Reader

Also recently re-released by the BFI, this collection of gay classic experimental erotic films is a must-watch for those interested in the history of gay and erotic cinema.