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Left Handed Part 2


Year Released: 1972
Studio: Hand in Hand
Director: Jack Deveau & Jaap Penraat

Cast: Ray Frank, Robert Rikas, Larry Burns, Teri Reardon, Al Mineo, Alex Marks, Bob Williams, Warren Mans

The first Hand-in-Hand, shot-on-film vintage gay porn feature movie made at the end of the "hippy" era, during which long hair, beards, and body hair were plentiful.

Ray Frank stars as man exploring New York's and Woodstock's unbridled passion, drugs, lust, and authentic excitement. Ray is often bored and seeks the purity of ritual sexuality and seduction without all the hang-ups.

The video's first sexual action puts Ray in a public john taking a piss. A big-dicked man watches him and soon the two are giving head in a stall. The stranger cums, and Ray swallows his load, wiping his mouth and beard with toilet paper. Ray meets straight country-boy, Bob (Robert Rikas) and vows to seduce him.

Highlights include a tasteful heterosexual scene with Bob (with the female sucking his big boner and him plugging her good as we watch shots of his ass and hips thrusting); big-dicked glory-hole "artists;" and Ray taking dick up the ass and cum from an antique/drug-dealer (long-haired and bearded Larry Burns) in his shop in a fantasy sequence.

This film features fisting, 69ing, hooded cocks, ass-eating, psychedelia, and massive five-man orgy at the film's end hosted by Larry. It also includes fucking in the shower, outdoor segments, and plenty of pre-condom, pre-AIDS sex.

Red lighting, the use of black-and-white photography for fantasy and other techniques add to the artful, stimulating eroticism of this film. "A gay sex film of inherent quality, delicate scope... a breathtaking lovely, tender male love story... artful, touching and poignant." - The Gay Scene

"Left-Handed director Jack Deveau's first feature presents a cast of beautiful men in explicit, beautiful photographed scenes that will please everyone, from those with exotic tastes to those with pedestrian tastes, and everyone in between." - The Advocate

"As pornography goes, the film is remarkable because of its aesthetic sophistication and intellectual curiousity... While taut, the plot is not merely a flimsy premise to introduce one more sexual possibility. The essence of economy, all action advances the obsessional sexual pursuits of the central character, Ray, and all gratuitous "emotionality" which does not bear directly on the erotic situation has been pruned away. - Mallory Callan, The Reader: Chicago's Free Weekly, March 16, 1973

The sound is dubbed in this film. Full original score, featuring songs "Left-Handed," "Hold the Day," "I'm Just Tired," "Forget It I Got It," and "Don't Cry Now," as well as an instrumental theme, "Infra-Red."

This remastering includes the original fisting scene, which had been edited out of the original video reissue.