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Rangers Part 3


Year Released: 1984
Studio: Surge Studio
Director: Al Parker

Cast: Al Parker, Nick Rogers, Chris West, Daniel Holt, Chris Allen, Brad Peters, Jesse Koehler, Kevin Hunt, Shawn Easton, Mark Edwards

Another superb, all-action classic gay porn film from Al Parker's Surge Studios, Rangers is an outdoor epic (shot in the Sierras) that focuses on the exploits of the ever-vigilant, ever-patrolling park rangers (beefy, tattooed Chris West and lean Nick Rodgers) and the campers they come across.

Big thick cocks abound as the rangers show what "roughing it" is all about.

The rangers happen upon two campers, Kevin Hunt and Mark Edwards, who begin their morning by fucking on sleeping bags. Watching through binoculars, the duo copy their actions -- sucking and fucking hard and uninhibitedly.

Next, lumberjacks Al Parker, Daniel Holt and Chris Allen have sex in a desolate cabin in the woods. These three raunch hounds leave nothing unexplored.

And what's incredible here is when Parker ties up his cock and balls with a thong to Holt's own monster meat, creating a large, balled mess of manmeat.

Rodgers spies fishermen Jesse Koehler and Gregory Girard mouthing each other by a mountain stream, next. He later joins them for a menage a trois waterside.

The final scene puts West with race drivers Shawn Easton and Brad Peters. Once the drivers are out of their overalls, they sandwich Chris and hump him silly.

This vintage gay sex movie is a wonderful outdoor epic that is full of macho hunks that are real men who have real gay sex.

"There is something for everyone in Rangers, plenty of menage-a-trois action, for the lovers of group sex and a hint of S & M for those who bent (if you'll pardon the pun), lies in that direction, as Al Parker's dick is tied up to his balls and stretched in such a way that it would bring tears to most men's eyes."--Torso, April 1994�

"I enjoyed Rangers the most. The opening sequence with Park Rangers Nick Rogers and Chris West spying on two hot looking campers is first rate. Parker chose to go with the sounds of the outdoor setting instead of any music, and the choice really adds to the overall quality of the segment."--Bill Baumer

"Rangers is well cast, and the outdoor settings, shot on location in the Sierras, provide striking background for the uninhibited al fresco sexplay."--Manshots, October 1990