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Mr Wonderful


Year Released: 1987
Director: Toby Ross

Cast: Brad Richardson, Carl Loomis, Dennis Anderson, Dennis Reilly, Everett Storm, James O'Brian, Kevin Gladstone, Matt Houston, Monroe Perry, Redd Ryder, Steve Phillips, Tom James, Tom Law

A young man from Kansas looks for that perfect someone in the 9-to- 5 world of Manhattan in this BIJOU VIDEO about an erotic alter ego from director Toby Ross. Tom Law, nicely built with a big dick. plays the hero -- a computer operator by day, a photographer of nude models by night.

The first sequence has Tom photographing five street types. Each of the five guys jacks off for his camera, and Tom ends up beating his own meat to their stimulating action -- and his orgasm is a geyser superb, the first of many large orgasms in the video.

Next, Tom places an ad and fantasizes about fucking Dennis Anderson -- having oral sex in a black limbo. Among his ad responders are brothers Everett Storm and Monroe Perry - who are into spanking, leather, and affection, and a married man, Tom James - whom Law plows while standing and filming their fuck. Carl Loomis plays Tom's office (and bed) buddy.

As Law strokes his pole in Central Park, Loomis does the same in his apartment; they couple in a shower as a romantic ending to the flick. Kevin Gladstone is Tom and Carl's boss, Mr. Schultz, who loves getting his ass fucked and says so in no uncertain terms - and gets his, too.

This vintage gay porn movie presents a mixture of posing and hard action.

Some scenes are very verbal, and there's plenty of guys in underwear and jockstraps.

Lots of cum shots and excellent production values.

"Oh, how I love Mr. Wonderful!" -- Studflix.

"Director Ross does a great job of exploiting this Clark Kentish fantasy material. What could be sexier than . seeing a nerd-at-first-sight unexpectedly transformed into the hunk dreams are made of?" -- Adult Video News.

"...Oral action in a black seamless limbo is a spit-maven's dream come true." -- Manshots.

"Ross does a fine job of conveying a wistful mood and of capturing the streets of New York." -- Adult Video News.