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Love A Man With A Beard 2 Part 5


Year Released: 1994

Cast: Bull Dozier, Al Parker, Bob Blount, Mike Mitchell, John Hill, Damon Rosi, Olin, Kirk Luna, Shawn Roberts, Jake Dillon, Duke Benson, Michael Braun, Eric Ryan, Henry Helbig, Mike Johnson, Henry March, Tony Ruez, Jack Moody, Michael Heath, Dave Daniels, Kurt Williams, Clay Russell

The second of four volumes this vintage gay porn sex movie features some of the hottest vintage gay porn scenes starring bearded men! This volume includes scenes from: Bullet Videopac 2 ("Satisfaction"), Hollywood Liberty, Dust Unto Dust, Drive, The Rivermen, Screenplay, Sex Machine, Bears Night Out, Snow Balling, and Inches.

Sex Machine
In a video booth at a peep show, a man invites another man to watch a film with him where we all watch a mustached blond with a monstrously large cock gets his meat swallowed by a bearded mature beefcake with a streak of white in his mustache. This is a deliciously long scene and there is plenty of dirty commentary going on in voice-over in this segment. The blond isn't shy about returning favors and gulps down the brunette's long straight pecker. Against a stark black background the brunette (after comparing the blonde's huge tool to his forearm!) tackles the massive beast taking it all into his experienced hole, doggie-style. There is a back shot worth mentioning where we see the blond's tight hard eggs close to the base of his tool as it pounds into the brunette's hole as the hunky bottom beats off like crazy. After fucking in many hot positions the brunette cums on the blond's chest, which we watch in a slowed-down close up as his cock spews towards the camera.