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Love A Man With A Beard 2 Part 6


Year Released: 1994

Cast: Bull Dozier, Al Parker, Bob Blount, Mike Mitchell, John Hill, Damon Rosi, Olin, Kirk Luna, Shawn Roberts, Jake Dillon, Duke Benson, Michael Braun, Eric Ryan, Henry Helbig, Mike Johnson, Henry March, Tony Ruez, Jack Moody, Michael Heath, Dave Daniels, Kurt Williams, Clay Russell

The second of four volumes this vintage gay porn sex movie features some of the hottest vintage gay porn scenes starring bearded men! This volume includes scenes from: Bullet Videopac 2 ("Satisfaction"), Hollywood Liberty, Dust Unto Dust, Drive, The Rivermen, Screenplay, Sex Machine, Bears Night Out, Snow Balling, and Inches.

Scene One
Screenplay: Scene from Steve Scott's winner of the 1984 Best Gay Film award by the Gay Critics Association. Bearded hunk Michael Braun arrives at a hotel to visit his porn star boyfriend, played by Eric Ryan. A lover's spat is concluded by a suck-off reconciliation, with Ryan's meat shooting hard.

Scene Two
Inches: Bob Blount invites Al Parker home. The two bearded men romp naked in the snow, then warm up back inside. They kiss and share a romantic sex scene in front of the fireplace. There is a long, leisurely session of rimming, Parker's beard pressed deep in Bob's hairy hole. Then in a hot cocksucking scene, Bob blows Al, his handsome, manly face and full beard slobbering over Parker's thick, meaty cock, teasing the plum-like purplish head with his tongue. They finish with some serious hard pounding, Bob's legs in the air, realism captured in the sexy moans and groans and the sweat dripping from their faces. Al blows his load over Bob's hairy stomach and chest, and the scene ends in a romantic embrace.