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Love A Man With A Mustache 2 Part 2


Year Released: 1994

Cast: Chris West; Nick Rodgers; Kevin Hunt; Mark Edwards; Robert Vega; Romeo; Adam Mitchell; Derrick Stanton; Daniel Holt; Jon King; Steve Collins; U.S. Marine Jake; Josh Kincaid; Rod Mitchell; George Broadway

Mustaches: sexy, masculine, rugged, rebellious, sophisticated.

This is a vintage gay sex video compilation of some of the hottest scenes in the Bijou catalog featuring men with mustaches, including scenes from Rangers, Screenplay, Old Reliable, and Giants 2 and highlighting hot retrostuds like Chris West, Robert Vega, Jon King, and Daniel Holt.

Chris West, Nick Rodgers, Kevin Hunt, Mark Edwards
Two ever-vigilant, ever patrolling park rangers (beefy, tattooed Chris West and lean Nick Rodgers) come across two campers (Kevin Hunt and Mark Edwards) through their binoculars. These campers begin their morning by fucking on sleeping bags outside their tent. West and Rodgers spy on the campers while copying their actions - rimming, sucking, and fucking hard and uninhibitedly!

Robert Vega and unknown
A cute, mustachioed Latino crewman (Robert Vega) is sucked off by a clean-cut white guy in a movie trailer. Robert plugs the man's hole with his uncut pud and they both blow a load.

Cocky, handsome Romeo struts out in leather garb and, with a big smile, strips down and lights up a cigar. He's in possession of a dangerous weapon - a large sheathed sword with a bright pink tip. After he oils himself up and poses, Romeo masturbates, keeping on his sunglasses. He cums on the floor and says goodbye to the audience and director David Hurles.

Adam Mitchell, Derrick Stanton
This scene from the classic coming out film, Hardhat, about a conflicted construction worker, shows slow, romantic sex between two friends and lovers, played by Adam Mitchell and Derrick Stanton. Both men are on the younger side and have shaggy, fair hair and mustaches. They take their time kissing, sucking, and fucking, and Stanton cums on Mitchell's chest.

Daniel Holt, Jon King
A scene from the sequel that's a treasure trove for fans of fat, juicy cranks! Here, Jon King chokes on Daniel Holt's mondo meat as we watch in larger-than-life closeups. Holt fucks King's face good before humping and rimming his cute little butt.

Daniel Holt, Steve Collins, and unknown
Daniel Holt walks by a store where Steve Collins is working and the two make eyes through the window. Collins follows as Holt lures him down the street and into the Chelsea Piers for a quick-n-dirty in an abandoned building. Beautifully staged shots, erotically drawn out cruising, plus gorgeous photography and great close-ups of cut and uncut cocks round out this scene, as the two swallow each other's titanic staffs (Holt's especially puts most "horsehung" stars to shame), then fuck against the an open window. The blowjobs are amazing, the fucking is raw, and, as an added bonus, an anonymous man, whose face we never see, watches the proceedings and jerks off.

U.S. Marine Jake
Muscular, masculine, cigar-chompin' stud U.S. Marine Jake shows off his cock and big torso for the camera and jerks off in this outdoor solo scene.

Josh Kincaid, Rod Mitchell, George Broadway
This scene (entitled Three's Company) presents Rod Mitchell and Josh Kincaid messing around. George Broadway discovers them and joins the action: lots of rimming and fucking ensue. These guys don't know the meaning of the word enough, especially as they are willing to devour a cock that's just come out of an asshole. This is surely one of the best, raunchiest and dirtiest threeways in the entire BulletPac series!