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Year Released: 1984
Studio: Nova
Director: Robert Walters
Cast: Rick Donovan, Tim Kramer, Brandon Wilde, Tony Wilde, Steve Kolis, Ryder Hansen, Lee Thompson, Cole Taylor, Danny Conners, Rob Daniels, Jim Bentley, Matt Sullivan Cliff Ryder

"Heroes are so HARD to find! These heroes are bigger than life. You just might get what you wish for."

This is a good-quality feature from Nova Studios, clear and competently produced, with a mix of decent to good action, but a lot of charm. One of the handful of Nova features with fully synchronized sound (as opposed to the majority of the studio's output of dialogue-free loops set to music) , it focuses on an all-gay English class assigned an essay from their hunky young teacher on a personal hero, which leads to each student imagining sex with their hero. The film stars a large cast of strapping young studs, is great for size lovers, and features some unusually good special effects, entertaning sequences, and original music by Garth Evans.

The film begins with teacher Cole Taylor giving the assignment while his students goof around. Rydar Hanson gets a fellow student's attention by rubbing his crotch. The student tells him he'll show him his if Hanson also does. Hanson whips it out, but is caught by the teacher, who makes him stand up in front of the laughing class with his cock out.

Back at home, student Danny Connors idolizes rock star Rick "Humongous" Donovan in a very fun scene featuring great special effects and Donovan performing the title song (actually singing it on the recording, but lip-syncing here). Connors fantasizes about Donovan's performance where he croons while wearing only suspenders and very tight white pants, which reveal his massive bulge. In a puff of smoke, Connors appears in the scene and worships Donovan, licking his boots, nipples, armpits, and his huge dick through his white pants. He sucks Donovan's cock and takes cum on his face to cheers from an unseen audience. Then we move to a room with a white shag carpet, where Connors spends more time attentively swallowing Donovan's enormous meat and eating his asshole. The scene ends with a quick fuck by Donovan.

Cute Tony Wilde pines after raven-haired Brandon, a hunky sailor. He smiles at a photo of him and we hear voice-over of his essay on Brandon. Brandon's photo speaks to Tony, leading into a fantasy sequence where he's jerking off in sailor attire aboard a ship and is caught by Brandon, who lends him a hand. As Tony, in real life, is masturbating at his desk, classmate Rob Daniels surprises him by crawling underneath him to help him out. Tony enjoys the rest of his fantasy of sex with Brandon while Rob blows and fingers him. Both guys talk dirty to him and both shoot their loads on his face. Tony comes out of his fantasy and bends Rob over his desk, fingering his ass and fucking him.

The next day, Steve Kolis stands up in front of the class to read his essay on his hero, baseball player Tim Kramer. He tells of how he and his buddy, Jim Bentley, recently went to see him play. In a flashback, they wait for him in the lockerroom after the game to get his autograph and spot him, fresh from the shower, clad only in a towel. Kramer grins upon spotting his fans and their appreciative gazes. He agrees to give Kolis his autograph, and the scene soon leads to a threeway, Bentley initiating the action by playing with Kramer's nipples, and Kramer beckoning Kolis to join. Kramer takes charge, having the three group up in various positions, and Kolis and Bentley are more than happy to oblige.

Class lets out and the teacher tells student Matt Sullivan to stay after class. He wonders why Sullivan didn't turn in his essay and Sullivan reluctantly hands it over and watches nervously as Taylor reads it. Outside, Rydar Hanson remembers that he left something behind in the classroom and tells his buddy, Lee Thompson. Taylor has finished reading Sullivan's essay and tells him that he noticed he didn't mention his hero by name. He tries to identify this mystery man, reading aloud. The hero is a teacher whose physical traits fits those of Taylor and who is described with a smirk from Taylor as having a lot of sex appeal and always wearing tight pants. Taylor tells Sullivan he can touch him through his tight pants and Sullivan does. Hanson re-enters the classroom as Sullivan is going down on Taylor, so he begins to beat off. Soon, his friend, impatient at waiting, comes in behind him and is also excited by the sight. They jerk each other off as they watch Taylor blow Sullivan and eat his ass, then fuck. Hanson and Thompson applaud as Taylor and Sullivan finish and the four group up for an encore, which classmate Cliff Ryder spies on and beats off to from the doorway.