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Sperminator Part 1


Year Released: 1993
Director: Randy White
Cast: Steven Gibson, Randy White, Chris Stone, Aaron Fiero, Cory Evans, Rio Belafonte, Rick Pantera, Randy Mixer

Complete with cheesy sci-fi graphics, this porn parody of The Terminator boldly goes where few gay sex films have gone before.

Steven Gibson beams down while the mist is still thick over L.A. and runs across Latino hunk Chris Stone and Aaron Fiero drinking in the woods. He relieves them of their clothing before watching them suck and fuck each other for his amusement.

In a well-done, tense scene, the Sperminator knocks on Cory Evans's door before pushing his crotch into his face. Cory takes his dick in his mouth, begs for more, and gyrates his ass on cock. Cory becomes a news item as it is reported that he was left exhausted by "someone more machine than man."

A beautiful black couple, Rio Belfonte and Rick Pantera, are so turned on by this news that they jump each other's bones on the couch.

Later, in a silly chase sequence, the Sperminator tries to chase down his true target, cute Randy Mixer, and Randy White, Mixer's hero from the future. Cornered, the three men sperminate each other -- especially Sperminator, who just does not stop shooting.

A first attempt from porn star turned director and producer, Randy White, that succeeds because of its good humor and intensity, even with some amateurish camerawork.

"This is an excellent first effort by White as producer/director. The Fiero/Stone encounter is fairly standard fare, but the rest of the film is filled with relentlessly hot sex that pyramids out his ingenious spin-off." -- Manshots, December 1994

"The second amazing quality of The Sperminator is that director Martin Ryter and Randy White have solved the age-old problem of bad acting: Steve Gibson, who plays the sperm-meister, has never been one of porn's more talented performers: sure he could fuck, but his reaction shots left something to be desired. But here -- playing a machine -- he is perfection. No murky emotions, no confusing sense memory exercises -- just plain old fucking with a blank look on his face. They should make more movies like this." -- The Guide, Boston, MA

"Another rather unusual element of this video is its sense of humor. It is not often that we can see a film that contains both hot fuck scenes and humorous touches -- like when we learn of the Sperminator's endeavors from news anchor Mark Shriverman of Channel 69 Action Packtion News." -- Vice, New York City

" ... Gibson unleashes an incredibly huge outpouring of jizz in slow motion. We see no less than 22 big shotgun spurts of white juice surging from the tip of his cock. Though such a discharge seems humanly improbable, I could find no signs of special effects editing or equipment." -- Gay Chicago Magazine, June 24-July 4, 1993

This vintage gay porn film was produced and directed by Randy White.