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Sex Magic


Year Released: 1977
Studio: Hand in Hand Films
Director: Jack Deveau
Cast: Kees Chapman (narrator); Roger; Mandingo; Jack Wrangler; Tony Rusca; B. Lackey; Jayson MacBride; Tom Trooper; Lee Foster; Bill Eld; Jim Delegatti

"Magical Ring Makes Roger's Sex Fantasies Come True"

Straight men are turned gay by wishful thinking channeled through a mystical ring in this modern day hardcore reinterpretation of "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp," which showcases some of the finest work of macho '70s stars Roger and Jack Wrangler.

Scene 1
The film's stylized opening segment discusses the ring's powers in voice-over narration over shots of muscular Roger jerking off in a black room under colored lighting, fog sweeping around his mostly exposed form. He wears only a cape, an ornate belt with chains hanging from it (parted in the center to reveal his large cock) and the magical ring on his finger. He stares straight ahead unemotively and strokes himself. He shoots a large load, then dramatically raises his arms up into the iconic pose from the Sex Magic poster.

Scene 2
Busy at a site are construction workers Roger and handsome Mandingo. Roger finds the magic ring on the ground and shows it to Mandingo, who is immediately attracted to him. Suddenly, Roger discovers himself alone with Mandingo in a shed. Roger opens the back of Mandingo's long underwear and fucks his asshole doggie-style with his enormous cock.

Scene 3
Later at home, Roger listens to a dirty story about a window washer. As if by magic, window washer Jack Wrangler appears outside of his window, nude and with a hard-on that he presses against the glass. Jack comes in and both men stroke their long cocks. Roger licks Jack's ass, then fucks it over the sofa. The segment is both physically daring and erotically charged; at one point Jack is clinging to the building on a scaffold above the street and is artfully photographed as he rubs his soapy dick across the glass for a voyeuring, fantasizing Roger.

Scene 4
Hairy Tony Rusca finds the ring on the street and calls his mom to tell her he's AWOL from the Army. MPs Jayson MacBride and mustached Tom Trooper suddenly appear on the scene and the three strip for sex. Tony sucks their meat and then takes military dick up the ass, while Tom keeps his helmet on.

Scene 5
The last scene of this vintage gay porn classic has smooth, lean bellhop Lee Foster humped by very hung and muscular "Mr. L.A.," aka Big Bill Eld, in a hotel room. An extended anal session ends with Bill jacking off his cock-ringed meat to orgasm on Lee's ass.

Hand in Hand Films founder Jack Deveau tapped some of the biggest names in the business for this highly charged all-action collection. The fantasies are innovative and well-realized, and Deveau's use of lighting, close-ups, uniforms, and masculine images help to make this film a classic in its own right, as well as a showcase for some of the best work from superstars Roger and Jack.