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Shop Sex: Scene One


Year Released: 1995
Studio: Bijou
Director: Jim Wigler
Cast: Dylan Rage; Jeffrey Devons; Joe; Earl Utah; Marco; Tony Bullet

This three scene vintage gay sex movie was shot in San Francisco in a real work shop and features rough sex, domination, wrestling, a daddy cop, armpit-licking, hairy masculine men, raunchy love, and "real" type guys fucking and sucking in a blue-collar setting.

Star daddy Marco appears in the final reel and turns in a hot performance as a cop who needs more things polished than his gun.

The technical work is solid all around, with decent lighting and varying angles on the sex action. The video also features: anal and oral sex, rimming, fingering, manly kissing, bald guys, redheads, red bushes, bush pits, a police uniform, gun-licking, Italian guys, and hairy chests.

In the opener, a young, bald Dylan Rage, is stroking his dick in the shop when his boss, young tattooed Jeffrey Devons appears and reprimands Dylan for not working. Jeffrey shows Dylan his smooth chest and nice dark trail leading down to his dick which is soon in Dylan's mouth.

Dylan sucks dick and asshole before getting his ass fingered after macho domineering Jeffrey plants him down on the worktable. Both these guys are plae and a bit on the rough side and they wrestle on the table before Jeffrey jacks off in Dylan's face while getting his sac licked.

Jeffrey shares cock sucking duties with the skinny punk who has bright red pubes and fingers his butthole for a prelude to sliding on a rubber which we actually get to see, and pounding the hell out of his tight rear end.

There is some decent close up work on the penetration which has a nice, dark and wet feel, and the scene culminates with Jeffrey spurting his load on Dylan before exiting on his motorcycle, leaving Dylan to jerk out a load which splatters on his own tight chest.

In scene two, mature boss Joe and cute black employee Earl Utah are doing duty in the woodshop, cutting wood and sporting woodies. These guys have average, realistic bodies, but great chemistry as they engage in extended kissing and cock sucking. Their dicks are duly sucked, Earl especially relishing deep throating Joe's meat, as excellent sound captures every slurp and swallow!

Then Joe rims Earl and fucks him over the table while kissing him, his work boots still on. Both guys cum, with Earl puddling on the floor as he jacks off and Joe spurting a few gobs in his own bush.

The third sequence is the hottest, and features beefy daddy Marco, who struts his star quality and features intense dirty talking. Marco is working in the shop in a NYPD t-shirt when Tony arrives done up in a leather vest and gloves. Tony proceeds to lick Marco up and down, paying special attention to what appears to be a real revolver holstered at his side, and the two engage in some passionate kissing wherein they show a lot of tongue for the camera. Marco soon sheds his T to show his furry muscled chest, and exposes his wide, hairy pits for some oral adoration from Tony.

Next, Tony hogs on Marco's fat, stubby dick while the camera pans up and down Marco's hairy bod, and then Marco flips him onto the table and takes Tony's dick in his mouth. When Marco moves up to do some pit licking of his own, Tony reveals maximum hairy pits; he has some BUSHES in there! The guys pig out on one another, getting down on all fours and sniffing each other and jacking off.

Marco rims Tony's dark hairy ass and finger screws it before sliding in and pounding, first with Tony on the table and then letting him ride it pogo style. Marco finally cums with Tony sucking on it, as the scene winds up with a nice, "Thank you, Sir!" from Tony as the two resume sucking tongues during the fade out.

As the title suggests, this flick is sex in the shop, the wood shop, that is with real dudes who suck and fuck with enthusiasm.

Of particular interest to anyone with a hairy Italian Dad complex is the last scene, where Marco's turn as a cop is sure to please.