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Just Blonds


When a small town blond boy coming into full sexual awareness (Luke) runs away from home with a knapsack, a tent and two hits of windowpane acid, he embarks on a hallucinatory rite of passage. A fantastical, sexually-charged odyssey which takes him from a beautiful, secluded forest to a startling confrontation with his own secret sexual desires.

In a sun-dappled clearing in the woods, the boy sets up camp. Asleep that night in his tent, already under the sexual spell of the forest, he falls into a dream. In the dream, four young, goodlooking blond strangers appear at his campsite, as if looking for him. The next thing the boy knows, he is on his knees, looking up at four big hard cocks. Amidst the night sounds of the forest, the boy and the blond strangers abandon themselves to sucking and fucking.

The next morning, the boy awakens outside the tent, not certain whether he dreamed the sex or if it really happened. Still somewhat dazed by the experience, he finds himself swallowing both tabs of acid without hesitation and walking a path through the woods as if he knows where he is going. As he walks, the blond strangers from his dream pass him on the path. Other men, too, strangely garbed and dreamlike blonds, watch him from hidden places or beckon to him. The dream strangers appear as the boy saw them in his dream, then suddenly change into images of the fantastic. The leather-clad, silver-studded Marquis (Lee Marlin); the towheaded Louis 14th (Ken Carter); the sinister-looking man in black (Scorpio); Pierrot (Damien III); Sinbad (Eric Ryan); and the American Dream (Hugh Allen).

The boy is attracted and repelled, frightened and turned on. He watches the blonds having sex in every conceivable way and combination, as each path the boy takes leads him deeper and deeper into a fantasy world of almost unendurable sexual pleasure, until finally he is taken theirs.

Alone again and back at the campsite, the boy lies beside his tent, unable to keep his hand away from his cock. Suddenly they are there, the blonds, surrounding him, standing over him, jerking their cocks as he is jerking his until they cum all over him. The boy cums, and the blonds disappear. The boy lays back, exhausted and in a daze looking up at the sky.