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Beat Cop


Year Released: 1991
Director: David Babbit
Cast: Donnie Russo, Tony Lattanzi, Eddie Acosta, Richard DeSantis, Eddie Rodriguez

This vintage Bijou Video release was produced by Paul Torrey and directed by David Babbit. It stars hunky, muscular Donnie Russo as beat cop Sergeant Geraldi, who takes us from one crime and voyeuristically observed j/o scene to another. The men are all uncut and jack-off to an excellent soundtrack.

This gay sex video is very well put together with superior production values and plenty of larger-than-life close-ups.

The first scene features a pretty, exhibitionist yuppie (Tony Lattanzi) jacking off his eight-inch schlong. The yuppie stands at the windows, parading his fat cock and hairless balls for a woman across the street. He quickly strips and jacks off at the windows to attract her attention. He cums a huge load over the mirrors and the floor before giving himself one last narcissistic kiss.

Next, the Sergeant heads to the scene of a robbery. By the time he gets there, there is nothing left but a beefy Puerto Rican man with a "drippy dick" watching porno movies on his television, the only item left in the apartment aside from the chair he is tied to. The bound man manages to get one hand free to play with his tight, hairless asshole and work his dick until he cums all over and rubs it into his chest.

Geraldi's next assignment is to head to the waterfront and check out a mysterious blue substance leaking out of a building. There, he discovers a long-haired, somewhat-grubby artist who, while jacking off his thick cock, paints all over the walls, the canvases and himself -- including a blue hand print on his petite butt. This is the weakest of the five scenes, but is still interesting because of its uniqueness.

Geraldi's last case of the day is a noise-complaint at a construction site. There, a burly and macho Latino construction worker rips off his tank top, jacks off his thick "tool" (his cock is smallish, but very thick) and plays with his ample foreskin. He rubs his hands allover his hairless, beefy body and proceeds to finger his foreskin and flick his ass with the handle of his screwdriver.

While driving home, Geraldi pulls over to the side of the road and turns himself on just by thinking about the crazy day he's had. He takes off his shirt, unzips his pants and reveals huge pecs, a tattoo and his "special" nightstick.

He plays with his large nipples, wraps the strap of his nightstick around his cock, blows the nightstick (the one issued by the police dept.), and jacks off until he cums all over the nightstick.

"Man, I needed that," he says. Yep, it's the end of just another day for your "friendly neighborhood beat cop."

Beat Cop was awarded Best Jerk-Off Movie in 1991 by Adult Video News!