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Come Of Age Scene 4


Four naked, horny nature boys bound up the mountain to the cabin. Inside the cabin, they gather round the psychedelic painted piano and Jimmy tickles the keys with a little "Chopsticks" while Mark and Ron nuzzle and kiss on top of the old spinet. They hand down a jar of vaseline to Wayne and Jimmy and the concert turns to a fourway mini-orgy. Wayne buries his face in Ron's crotch while Jimmy sucks him from below. Mark eases his cock into Ron's ass to make it a perfect writhing foursome. Jimmy climbs up to play with Mark's hole. They end their mountaintop fuck with a round of jokes and a promise to meet up again back at home.

Later Wayne and Jimmy show up at Mark's to see Ron all cleaned up and ponytailed, with a new job and settled in to the city. But no one's too busy for another fourway, this time on the bed. Ron crouches down with his ass up and ready while the other three line up to fuck each other and him. A smoking lineup of four perfect young blonds stick their dicks into each other and hold each other tight. The menage keeps switching so each gets a chance to be at the giving or receiving end of the fuck train. Finally worked up to the edge, they lie next to each other and beat out four loads to celebrate being young, horny and uninhibited in a swingin' world. When they kiss the other pair goodbye, Ron and Mark skip through the streets with the wind blowing their long hair. They kiss, fresh young lovers without a care in the world.