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Boy 'Napped Part 1


Year Released: 1975
Director: Spencer Logan
Studio: Hand in Hand
Cast: Michael Hardwick, Jamie Gillis (James Rugman), Dennis Parker (Wade Nichols), Dwayne Carter, Bobby Niles

Complicated relationships between men and lovers are explored in this vintage gay porn sex movie from Hand in Hand Films. Boynapped features a strong story about gay sex, extortion, revenge, and more, featuring mature models with body hair, narration, and rough sex.

The story revolves around a hunky athlete from a wealthy background (Michael Hardwick) and his lust-filled college roommate (Dwayne Carter) finally getting together after they are held for ransom, and fucked silly by a couple of tough guys (Dennis Parker and Jamie Gillis).

The film is a wild, sexual free-for-all that caused New York's Michael's Thing to accurately predict Boynapped would become "one of the classic gay films."

One of the kidnapees is shackled and fucked by his captors. The other gets his butt spanked with a belt, has his mouth filled with a hard-on and get his ass fingered and fisted. Complicated feelings arrise between kidnappee and kidnapper, complicating the scenario.

Features spanking, masculine men who aren't clones, bondage, and plenty more!

This vintage gay porn film seems, overall, to have been a vehicle for good-looking, mustached singer and actor Dennis Parker (aka Wade Nichols), with his good acting ability and rugged, masculine body. Parker, who starred in both gay and straight porn films, was also a soap star and made a disco record which included the hit single, "Like an Eagle." Jamie Gillis (credited here as James Rugman) was a well-known and prolific straight porn star, who appeared in such films as Radley Metzger's The Opening of Misty Beethoven. Michael Hardwick starred in the classic gay porn films Adam & Yves and Spread Eagles, both also released by Hand in Hand Films and available from Bijou Video.

This remastering contains the episodes of BDSM and fisting from the original version, which were edited out in later versions.

"There's every kind of combination in this erotic wonder; even some heavy action. You'll see men who can dish it out and men who can take it all; and all of them love it. There's no doubt about the star quality in this feature. Add to that one of the best known hungry men in films, Michael Hardwick, and the talents and good looks for Dwayne Carter, plus straight porno star Jamie Gillis in a rare all-male appearance, and you have a first-rate cast." Torso, October 1987

"The script by Spencer Logan (who also directed and co-edited), is fairly well-developed, except for some needlessly telescoped exposition at the beginning. But once the story gets going, it plays economically and still allows plenty of logical detours for sex scenes. It also appears that some care has been taken on production values, using two cameras plus indoor and exterior locations." Newswest, August 8-21, 1975