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Year Released: 1971
Director: Donald Crane
Studio: Hand in Hand

Cast: Casey Donovan, Nat Grey, Angelo Waine, Sparrow Guano

This early classic gay porn film distributed by Hand in Hand Films stars Cal Culver, the first vintage gay porn legend and star of Wakefield Poole's Boys in the Sand, who adopted the name Casey Donovan after making this movie.

Originally from Palm Features, this very fun, very charming 1970s gay film features a strong story about handsome Casey (Donovan in his first film role, as this was shot before but released after Boys in the Sand) as a man searching for resolution and release from his conflicting feelings around the satisfaction of physical needs and the desire for relationships. Romance, sex, camp, a fantastically clever script that delivers both humor and serious reflection, Donovan in drag in a dual role as his own fairy godmother (Wanda Uptight), and more make up this entertaining classic which shows off Donovan's talents as a strong actor and charismatic sexual presence!

Casey wakes up, jerks off, and speaks in the mirror to his alter ego/fairy godmother, Wanda, getting advice about how to manage his sex and love lives. Wanda grants him wishes, guiding him on several fantasy escapades. Humor, wit and good dialogue work and combine to make this film an entertaining gander at sexuality as freeing and fun, though still full of pitfalls.

Casey's first encounter is with a fantasy man, whom we see only waist-down. He is a black man in boots who quietly, but firmly, tells Casey to suck his cock. Casey is happy to oblige and sucks the man's uncut dick through his open pants, getting a big, messy cumshot to his face (though it appears fake).

Next, a dark and sexy, gum-chewing delivery boy lugs Casey's grocieries up to his apartment. After an absurd, funny dialogue exchange about the health and erotic merits of gum-chewing and potato-eating, the delivery boy takes a bite out of a raw potato, then strips down, and the two of them go at it on the kitchen floor, spilling the groceries everywhere. Heavy petting and frottage proceed and they suck cock, 69-style, amidst the scattered potatoes and cans of beer. Tongue kissing is emphasized as they both jack off; the grocery man only stays half-erect most of the time, however.

The mystery man pays Casey another quick visit and it's just as to the point as the last one. Casey consults Wanda again; he is dissatisfied with the lack of caring or emotional connection in the encounters with these men. He enlists Wanda's help in finding something more substantial.

Casey strolls out of his house, looking very clean-cut in a suit and tie, searching for new prospects. He spots a young, hippie-like artist with a beautiful face and chases him into the woods in a playful, romantic segment. Foreplaying, 69ing and mutual masturbation are shared in the forest grass as the action proceeds slowly and lovingly. Casey sucks the artist off to orgasm and strokes off a load. Casey finds monogamous love with the silent artist (who has vowed not to speak until the war ends) for a time and they share more sex, which is mostly the same action. Gradually, Casey grows restless with the same routine and the same man day in, day out, and suggests bringing others into their sex life.

The delivery boy joins them for some threeway experimentation. Superior anal photography captures Casey riding the third party backwards. The mystery man from the first sex scene enters the room and we see him fully this time; he has a large afro, glasses, a beard, and a mellow hippy-ish demeanor. He tries to teach them about "TLC" as he has the other three men undress him, then suggests that they stand in a circle and take turns fondling each member of the group. They finally come to Casey's turn and have him lie down on the ground, eyes closed. The men repeatedly murmur phrases including, "I want to love you," "I want to touch you," "Fuck me," and, as they do so, exit, leaving Casey by himself in the room whispering these phrases to no one.

Casey opens his eyes to find himself alone, jumping up to look for his lover, but no one is to be found. Wand tells him that he "blew it" and he'll have to start over again. Casey appears to "wake" at this point and the "dream" ends, with Casey glancing at a drawing by his artist lover beside his bed and staring moodily into the camera, accompanied by a jazzy soundtrack. Is it the end or a new beginning?

J/O and oral sex are emphasized in this production, which has some mixed results in terms of photography and sexual action, but which is strong on story, theme, dialogue, humor, and acting performances. You can truly see Donovan as a star in the making in this early role.