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High Tech


Year Released: 1986
Director: Al Parker
Studio: Surge Studio

Cast: Eric, Jay Matthews, Randy Roberts, Rick Jenner, Bosch Wagner, Morgan Hunt

This documentary-style feature from Al Parker's Surge Studio offers an incredible demonstration of vacuum pumps and was created during a time in California when safe sex and toys were the rage due to the AIDS epidemic.

After an introduction from director Al Parker, a group of six guys, a mix of black and white masculine men expand their already-large cocks to absurd proportions in a dark, fog-filled room.

Eric, a very hung, uncut black man wearing a leather arm band, shares pump-party stories and explains his interest in pumping in brief interview segments, also posing solo, before the action movies to a group pumpfest. Eric demonstrates a hand-operated pump and says that pumping "feels like having a thousand mouths sucking my cock at once."

At the pump party, Rick Jenner and Randy Roberts couple for pumping, slapping and stroking of their "beer can" cocks in their cylinder tubes.

Mustached Bosch Wagner, hunk that he is, is shown licking on the sheaths that contain the enlarged dicks of Eric and Jay Matthews. Wagner licks the real thing once the sheaths are released from their pressure valves.

The entire cast gathers at the end for a cock worshipping session of play, manipulation and enlargement. Pumping, foreskin play, a lot of sleazy talk about cock and cock size, and admiring each other are the only activities in this "safe-sex" video except for the cocksucking, which seems to distract from what was intended as "safe."

This one offers an unforgettable eyeful for size aficionados and uses good photography to present it. Though this video does not really offer anything new to the genre, especially in comparison to Parker's Strange Places, Strange Things, it is great for pump fans and those into voyeuring monstrously large, altered meat. The concluding segment is an impressive symphony of group pumping, jerking and cumshots, largely due to its beautifully captured close up shots.

Al Parker directed and delivers a spoken introduction; the video includes a video disclaimer at the beginning warning against the possible dangers of pumping without proper understanding or know-how.