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Catching Up Scene 1


Year Released: 1975
Studio: Hand in Hand Films

Cast: Keith Anthoni, John Farrel, Jayson MacBride, Scott Heith, Tim Christy, Paul Strand aka John Steele, Bob Perry, Dave Daniels

This Hand in Hand Films classic directed by Tom DeSimone is reminiscent of an era gone by. It features excellent production values and a cohesive plot about love, sex, relationship structures, coming out, and forgiveness. A highlight of this movie is how the camera lovingly spends time on star Keith Anthoni's sizeable cock.

Anthoni - in a sensitive performance - stars as a man just out of the closet, in his first relationship, who moved in with his new lover, John Farrel. Farrel has become restless with monogamy and demands an open relationship. The two men get into an argument at a restaurant, thus beginning a series of trysts the duo explore on their road to relationship restructuring and new types of commitment.

Anthoni's first trick is with handsome, bearded waiter Jayson MacBride, who he picks up directly after the restaurant blow-up. The two suck each other's foreskinned cocks and share ass-work in a sequence that begins sensually and turns into a fun romp.

Next, Anthoni decides to explore public sex and goes to a porno theater. Here, he experiences his first threeway, with Scott Heith and shaggy-haired Tim Christy exploring oral sex, mutual masturbation and cum-eating. Meanwhile, a hot black-and-white movie with great dirty narration plays on the screen: two beefcakes (model Paul Strand and masseur Bob Perry) in jockstraps who get into foreplay, finger-fucking and humping ass after body worshipping one another with oil.

Anthoni and Farrel have some tense moments at home, where they are still co-habitating. Later in the day, Farrel tries to contact Anthoni, but he is again with MacBride. After Anthoni and MacBride again hook up, they discuss Anthoni's newness to being out. They've been enjoying their time together but MacBride is wary of getting overly involved with someone who has so much "catching up" to do.

Anthoni answers an ad placed by a kinky man (Dave Daniels) who loves toys. Here is a good scene where the kinky man uses scissors to cut holes in Anthoni's shirt and underwear, tearing them off his body. Daniels sucks Anthoni's dick through a glory hole in his wall. Later, the dirty talking man sits his ass down on a dildo and fucks his own hole before Keith joins him and they share the double-headed dildo. Anthoni also fucks him while Daniels sucks on a dildo.

This vintage gay porn movie ends with lovers Anthoni and Farrel making up and making love, then finishing by being joined by MacBride in a glorious, romantic threeway. How exactly the three men will continue to be involved is left somewhat open-ended, but looking promising, in the film's tender, thoughtful finale.

"Tom DeSimone's Catching Up is a beautiful, witty, erotic piece of filmmaking that makes most other gay films look like the adventures of King Kong in heat. It is a definite must see for all connoisseurs of pornography." -- Long Island Beat.

Entertaining and nostalgic in terms of relationships and the 1970s.