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Catching Up Scene 2


Keith Anthoni is at the dirty movie palace watching a black and white physique movie called "The Model and the Masseur" as shaggy-haired blond Tim Christy (of the infamous Christy twins) sits one row ahead, rubbing his crotch. Scott Heith is a couple rows back, hanging his legs over the theatre seat and then taking a place next to Keith.

Shy and unsure at first, Keith glances over as Scott reaches a hand across and squeezes his cock. Onscreen Paul Strand and Bob Perry are moving from jockstrapped innocence to cocksucking, with an overheated narration raising cocks through the theater. Now both Tim and Scott are opening up Keith's jeans and getting their hungry hands around his big piece. Keith tries to hold them back, but then checking around to see if anyone was around he lets it move forward to a blowjob. Scott leans over and takes Keith into his mouth as Tim watches and waits his turn.

As the models onscreen kiss and rub their bodies together, Tim takes a seat just behind Keith and starts rubbing his shoulders, reaching down to unbutton his shirt. They kiss while Scott sucks away. By the time the black and white screen icons are fingering and fucking, Tim is sucking Scott with Keith looking on and jerking. Tim beats a load out of Scott into his mouth as the onscreen action simultaneously gets to their cum shots. Tim beats off and squirts his own load into his palm to eagerly lick up.