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Tough Competition


Year Released: 1984
Director: Casey Lee Klinger

Cast: Kyle Carrington, Mark Jennings (aka Dan Parks), Doug Weston, Jim Bentley, Joey Roma, Rydar Hanson, Scott Avery, Steve Kolis (aka Stephen Kolis), David Leslie, Jeffrey Lanse

Kyle Carrington, in his premier performance, stars in this hot vintage gay sex video as America's brightest hope for the 400 meter freestyle swimming competition in the World Sports Games.

He wins the gold and that's not all this young, hot swimmer receives.

From the pool to the locker room, Kyle quickly learns that everybody loves a winner! Just as the roar of the crowd begins to fade, the steamy adulation begins, as a famous sportscaster, his teammates, and even strangers in a parking lot admire his enormous talent. Gold medal performances are nothing new to this hunky all-American cast!

The movie starts with Kyle competing and winning the gold, standing before a cheering crowd. A mustached newscaster (Doug Weston) interviews Kyle about his victory and they continue their conversation off screen in the locker room. Doug is so taken by watching Kyle undress that he kneels to worshipfully suck his cock and eat his ass.

After this initial encounter, Kyle takes a walk outside, looking for a place to relax. He spots an empty car with its doors unlocked and hops inside for a quick J/O session. He is caught by handsome blond Scott Avery and his girlfriend. The girlfriend, panicked, runs off to find a cop, but Avery stays, intrigued, and he and Kyle get it on on top of the car, Avery swallowing Kyle's large meat and fucking him. They finish up and Kyle exits before Scott's girlfriend and a police officer returns, and the cop reprimands the couple for getting his attention over nothing.

Kyle hurries to his buddy Rydar Hanson's apartment with a story about getting mugged. Rydar suggests that Kyle lie down to rest. When he does, Rydar continues leafing through a copy of Torso Magazine until his pal, Steve Kolis, arrives. Rydar pours them both drinks and they quickly get down to it on the couch. Kyle, resting in just a jockstrap, wakes up to the sounds from the other room. He watches Rydar and Steve hump face and ass on the couch for a few minutes and, inspired, returns to the bedroom to touch his muscled form and whack off while admiringly looking in the mirror at his chiseled reflection.

Kyle finally pays three of his teammates (Jim Bentley, Mark Jennings, and Joey Roma) a visit at their dorm room. They all congratulate Kyle on his victory and Kyle brags that he gave up everything for months while training - junk food, booze, even masturbating. They can hardly believe him and Jim pops open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. The four guys drink champagne and shoot the shit as Kyle mentions how horny he is after his long period of abstinence. The buddies don't waste any more time and pair up then group together for some hot fourway activity!

This classic Richard Morgan production was written by Rob Alexander, Jr., directed by Casey Lee Klinger, and features a charming original soundtrack by Rutherford Sound.