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Greenhorn Part 7


It's the 1800s and these cowboys are young, hung and eager, always ready for sex, especially if you're a young buck!

Steve Scott directed this authentically styled (earth-colored photography, authenticated costumes and props) gay male Western period picture featuring beautiful men with big dicks.

Young greenhorns have to be broken in and these cowboys are the best at breakin' in young bucks, with anal, oral, threeways and group sex! Most of the sex is outdoors: at the mouth of a gold mine, on the railroad tracks, in the grand old outhouse, at the horse corral, in an outdoor bathtub, by the campfire, beside a creek, plus in the barn and the bunkhouse at night.

This is the story of Andy Fuller, the new young blond greenhorn on a ranch. You are there as Andy and Adam Mitchell meet at a creek and swap ranch sex stories (among other things), recounting their hot 'n horny experiences with the foremen, ranch hands and more!

A nude (except for boots) Beau Matthews gives cowboy Adam Mitchell a blowjob on the tracks at the mouth of a railway tunnel. Keeping his clothing on, Mitchell fucks the man's asshole on the cinders.

Another cowboy sucks on Fuller's large, well-proportioned boner with large veins. The cowboy mouths him gingerly and strokes him to orgasm as the camera lingers on his softening cock.

Four ranch hands (including Gian Carlo and Joel Thomas) group in the hay bales of the barn for lip-servicing and rimming. The camera focuses close-ups on tight-gripped meat that shoots blasts of cum.

The next day, Fuller beats off in the outhouse in his long johns as a voyeuristic man spies on him.

As Fuller bathes in a large metal tub, curly-haired Rick Faulkner appears in long underwear. Rick rinses him off and then sucks his ass. Andy's hole is plugged with dick until the man shoots high-flying streams of jism.

Two other segments include Fuller getting fucked a bunkhouse threeway (with his drawers still on) and campfire sex leading to cumming on faces.

According to one Bijou reviewer, "A Marathon Films period piece with uncommonly large cocks, realistic sets and actors who look like they belong in the era."

A really excellent classic that you'll want to watch over and over again, especially if you like hot cowboys, underwear or outdoor action!