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Cabin Fever


Year Released: 1988
Director: R. Stilskin
Cast: Jim Bentley, Chris Winters, Will Seagers, Cory Monroe, Sean Laurence, Ricardo Vargas

Cory Monroe, Jim Bentley and friends are burning up from Cabin Fever! This kind of Cabin Fever doesn't make people yearn for the outside; it makes them yearn for each other.

In this vintage gay porn video, Cory Monroe and Sean Laurence visit Cory's uncle Louie in the mountains. Also visiting Louie's cabin are Jim Bentley, Will Seagers, and Chris Winters.

After retiring for the evening, Sean goes to the bathroom and is shocked to find Uncle Louie (played by Latino hunk Ricardo Vargas aka Richard Vargas) jacking off in the bathtub. Cory joins Sean in watching Louie bring himself to orgasm; they wonder if Cory's relative is as straight as they thought.

On their way to their room, Cory and Sean hear more noises.

Peeking in another room, they find Chris Winters and Jim Bentley sucking each other's cocks. They continue to watch as Jim lowers himself onto Chris' rubber-protected dick. Handsome, mature Will Seagers admires his toned reflection in the bathroom mirror and jerks off and other couplings occur.

Things really heat up for the film's finale! Everyone gets together for anorgy. Some of the action includes Sean sucking Chris, Cory feasting on somebody's balls, and Will fucking Cory who is sucking Jim Bentley. Jim Bentley then fucks Will Seagers. Will then sucks Ricardo as he continues to get fucked by Bentley. Everyone gets all sweaty, and they all gather in a circle and jack off their loads on Cory Monroe's face and hair. Cory himself jacks off a good-sized load.

"this entry is definitely an above-average production, primarily because of the cast and the adroit use of the camera in the climactic orgy scene... Seagers joins Vargas in proving that men over 40 can still be sexy." - Sid Mitchell

"Man, these guys are hot! When Jim Bentley sticks his rump in the air, he makes my mouth water. He's at the top of his form, (and the bottom of someone else's) toned, tanned, and multi-talented. But it was the grand finale that curled my toes. Six bodies, dripping with sweat, in an orgasmic fury. You could almost smell the sweat off the scene. I dubbed this scene "Holes and Poles" cause the hips were pumping so fast and furious it was all just a fanastic blur." - Sysi and Egbert's Male Video Reviews