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Year Released: 1974
Director: Tom DeSimone
Cast: Fred Halsted, Casey Donovan, Monty Hanson, D.C. Michaels, Ed Fury, Pasqual (Poco Allen), Olin, Damon Rosi (Darryl Hughes), Sky Kinque, Larry Danser, Ruffin Tumble, others uncredited

Fred Halsted, dick in hand, narrates this survey of gay pornography by director Tom DeSimone, starting with the Apollo "physique" magazines which eventually evolved into 8mm loop films and then into narrative features.

"Posing" star Ed Fury, in Day of Fury, is shown in perhaps the very first gay movie. Other early magazine stars include men from the Athletic Model Guild, Gary Conway, Glen Corbet and Stanley Jackson.

The first totally nude model (tattooed and boy-next-door type Monty Hanson, posed in languidly provocative positions without an erection), the first cum shot, and other firsts are presented.

Fast-paced montages of blowjobs, fuck scenes, and cumshots are offered to the viewer, too, commemorating the landmark mid-1960's Supreme Court decision that granted First Amendment protection to sexually explicit material (and thus opened the floodgates).

Discussions and footage include: Pat Rocco's films at the Park Theater in Los Angeles, a softcore award-winning film called Yes, a signature release called One, A Study of the Teenage Masturbation Syndrome, a long scene from Tom DeSimone's film Assault, the first feature-length gay film (DeSimone's The Collection), the pool table sequence from Duffy's Tavern, the 1972 movie that broke world-wide acclaim (Boys in the Sand by Wakefield Poole and starring Casey Donovan), shots from Halsted's L.A. Plays Itself and Sex Garage, footage from films like Bolero, and clips from other films (including more of DeSimone's: Dust Unto Dust and Confessions of a Male Groupie).

This film, of varying quality due to its own age and the age of the footage it contains from other films, offers viewers one of the only places where they can see the golden oldies, including The Collection.

Despite its flaws, this film is a superb collectible and superior description of how adult gay film not only came into being, but evolved from magazines, to feature film, to pure sex. An important historical piece for those interested in gay history, film history, and porn history.

Produced by Max Blue.