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Pieces of Eight


Year Released: 1980
Director: Fred Halsted
Cast: Dan Pace (aka Rocky Genero), Dave Daniels, Mike Morris, Fred Halsted, Melchor, Paul Seton, Rex Brandon (aka Doug Dayton), George Conover, Josh (Cosco), Johnny Harden, Joseph Yale (non-sex cameo)

Looking for some solid gold all-male vintage gay porn action? You'll find it here!

Superstud Dan Pace (aka Rocky Genero) has to get "worked up" for his big strip number and a stack of hard-on mags do the trick. Dan's fantasies come to life in one blistering scene after another! This classic Fred Halsted/Joseph Yale production captures a series of super hot and very sensual indoor and outdoor sexual pairings and a couple of solos by a stellar cast in glowing photography.

Dave Daniels and butch Mike Morris get it on at a sunlit picnic. Fred Halsted and a young Melchor have a sweaty, passionate fuck in one of the film's best scenes. Paul Seton is interrupted from his gardening by a horny Rex Brandon. Freckled George Conover and bearded Josh lift weights and suck dick and Conover fucks Josh. Johnny Harden uses a tape measure to check the impressive size of his tool, then strokes it for the camera. Finally, Dan recalls his inspirational material and flexes and beats off on stage.

Contains scenes also released individually as Desert Fox, Raging Glory, Earthman 1: The Paul Seton Story, Earthman 2: Mr. Teenage Barbell, and Legend of Big Meat, plus additional material featuring Dan Pace.

This production includes an entertaining framing device featuring producer Joseph Yale and star Dan Pace determining what the film's title should be and what scenic shots of L.A. should be featured in the opening, Joseph encouraging Dan to peruse a dirty magazine for inspiration for his upcoming strip show, Dan commenting on the hot photo shoots and sex sequences, and, finally, Fred Halsted and Joseph Yale playfully flipping off and mooning the camera to wrap up the movie.

A film by Fred Halsted and Joseph Yale with a cast of classic porn greats engaged in enthusiastic action, with real chemistry, captured in attractive photography by Halsted and Nick Elliot (who also photographed Tom DeSimone's The Idol and Joe Gage's Kansas City Trucking Co. and El Paso Wrecking Corp.) and accompanied by a catchy folk soundtrack by Yanoska.