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The Goodjac Chronicles 3


Year Released: 1986
Director: Michael Goodwin
Studio: Michael Goodwin
Cast: Kent Sage, Damien, Juan, Juanito, Cutter Sharp, Billy Budd, Jacob, Dick Cockram, Martin Turk, Darrell Greatwrist, Redd Ryder, Peter Pecker, Boston, Copp Webber, Phillip Armstrong, Johnson Swar, Peter Spurtz, Michael Goodwin

Welcome to the land of Goodjac and his friends in this vintage gay sex video from director Michael Goodwin!

Each of these video portraits was conceived based on the personal experiences of GoodJac or his friends. The fantasies come to life before your very eyes as you join in the GoodJac Society.

SWITCH - You know how your body feels when you're enjoying yourself, but how does your buddy feel when he's enjoying himself? Jacob and Dick Cocram explore this question in an unique way in this gripping portrait.

LIKE LOURDES THEY CAME FROM ALL OVER - What can you expect when you get forty-eight of your buddies together with five video cameras and three photographers? This revealing portrait of an artist at work shows you the joys of work and play.

Release your imagination and enjoy yourself!

One Bjiou reviewer wrote:

Michael Goodwin is an artist living in California who has turned to video as a means to express his unique view of gay sexuality in the 1980s, and now, too, in the 1990s.

In the segments offered here, he attempts to show th emotional and spiritual levels of the masturbation experience, as well as the physical.

His men, seen alone and in groups, are not merely performers, but exhibitionists whose pleasure peaks in the presence of an observer or a video camera. They creep into the libido and become an electronic companion for the art of self-love.

Features macho and masculine men, beards, foreskin, tattoos, various stages of undress, mutual masturbation, and lots, lots more.

The film begins with an uncut man laying down by a fireplace. A youthful Latin, laying on the fireplace, is wrapped around his cock and balls as he beats off his boner.

In "Kent Sage's Blue Movie," mutual masturbation by a duo of hairy studs follows after arty special effects and negative images.

Four "monks" father for a kaleidoscope-like series of images that include nipple and cock head play, fondling, j/o, and a circle jerk, in a segment called "Rite."

A duo then switch their clothing with one another for a cloth fetish fest; then a fabulously intense group masturbation session follows, really a colossal jack off party.

A good introduction to the artful, sensual, surreal world of Michael Goodwin.

Very different and unlike most other adult films, Goodwin concentrates on the cock, masturbation, the man, kink, and visual oddities to stimulate -- and he succees well with artful, dreamy photography and interesting music.

"The work of artist Michael Goodwin, this video is more than porn. As explicit as it is -- and with its tight close-ups of erections and orgasms, it is explicit -- it is also an exploration of the impulses that prompt man to pleasure himself.... His performers are ordinary creatures doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways.... Perhaps he can best be categorized as a filmmaker who stands halfway between Christopher Rage and Joe Gage, both of whom seem to have influenced his work." -- Stallion Magazine