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Basic Black Scene 1


Year Released: 1989
Director: David Hurles
Studio: Nova
Cast: Romeo, Randy, Womack, Herb, Rodney, T.J. Swan, C.J.

This video puts together six black men, all of whom do the Old Reliable thing, and there is even a wrestling match between a black man and a white man tacked on the end for those who like man-to-man combat. The action is mostly posing and flexing, wrestling, and masturbation, with a few props like cigars and cock rings.

Romeo, with his leather garb, driving gloves, and white aviator glasses, is something of a flashback to a part of the '80s we'd like to forget. He's also handsome, with his doe eyes and smooth complexion. He's in possession of a dangerous weapon, a sheathed sword with a bright pink tip. After he poses, he sits on the couch and shows off his foreskin. He masturbates detachedly, choosing to keep on his killer shades and remain standing.

The next man, Randy, is fuckin' SEXY! He's lean, hung, giddy, has coffee-colored skin, and a big smile. He cums somewhat quickly and catches his jism in his hand. The cameraman must've known Randy was too hot for one shot because he returns a moment later in a red muscle shirt and nylon shorts. He smokes a stogie, smiles, tears off his top (literally), and fondles himself inside a jockstrap. He demonstrates some awfully un-artful martial arts then beats off again while admiring himself in a mirror.

A few more attractive men strip, pose, flex, talk to the cameraman, laugh, smoke, do push ups and jumping jacks, and beat off.

The wrestling match wraps up the video. The participants are T.J. Swann, a black Adonis with a monstrously long pole, and C.J., a skanky white boy with a bouncy set of balls. T.J. basically wallops C.J. You can tell this is going to happen the moment T.J. appears on screen; he's all muscle and beef. They jerk off, too, but only T.J.'s massive orgasm is shown.