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Basic Black Scene 6


Rodney's a goodlooking athlete who carefully folds his clothes as he undresses for the camera. A 6-footer at 27 years old, he beams when the director talks about a recent trick. He's been around the block a few times and nothing fazes him. He uses a good squirt of oil over his whole body to let his natural build shine for the camera. He sports a nice cut mahogany-brown cock nestled in a thatch of natural black pubes. He's modeling for the first time but not a bit nervous.

Teasing the cameraman a bit, Rodney brags about the tough workout he just did and the aching muscles that feel so good when he rubs them with oil. He flexes and pops his glutes for the camera enticingly. With arms spread and lats tight, he's a handsome statue come to life. His hand goes to work jacking, stretching his tool then easing into a steady rhythm. The camera shoots up at Rodney and his big stiff dick as it attains its massive dimensions. He's ready to cum anytime, and the director's cool with that. He stares at the sprays of milky cum that shoot out and gives us a satisfied smile. He crops to the floor and shows us a set of hot naked pushups, with his still hard cock hitting the floor a second before his chest. What can top that? How about a finale of dick flopping jumping jacks? This boy's got a fine future in front of the camera.