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Club Mandom Part 2


In this vintage celebration of oral sex on ripe uncut meat, bearded stud Tom Caserta sucks his way through the members of Club Mandom on "uncut night". The cocksucker extraordinaire is partial to the cheesiest, funkiest foreskin he can get his mouth around. Graffiti on the sex club wall encourages all to "chow down at Tommy's diner." We catch Tom in the middle of a blowjob, flicking out his tongue to tickle a heavy set of nuts as he swallows an uncut piece to the fuzzy root. The cock explodes into his face and splatters Tom's tight hairy chest.

A gloved trucker in jeans and "wifebeater" tank has been watching the action and steps up to Tom for service. Caserta turns his baseball cap backward to get up close and personal, licks and sniffs the denim crotch and dreams of the big foreskinned piece inside. Unbuttoning the fly he unleashes a veiny tool with head completely hooded with cheesy skin. As he slides his tongue around inside the skin, the trucker provides a blow-by-blow narration. Caserta pulls back the long skin to expose the shiny wet dickhead, then swallows it all to hold the musky woody deep down his throat. "Coax the base man, coax it out!" the trucker eggs him on, then milks his dick in Tom's face. "Yeah, you want more? Do it, cum on!" Tom slurps and cleans every funky bit of headcheese off then lets the trucker fuck his face. He eats the dick like a starving man, then the trucker lets it all unload in his mouth. Tom pulls back and we see strings of hot male sperm hanging from his lips and tongue.